With 57% of precincts reporting, and all reporting counties showing support for Amendment 2, Florida voters appear to have voted to legalize medical marijuana! The victory comes after one of the hardest fought efforts in the history of marijuana politics. Medical marijuana was rejected by Florida voters in the 2014 election, with opponents spending huge sums of money to spread reefer madness across the state leading up to Election Day. Although the same tactics were tried this election cycle, I’m happy to say that it didn’t work. Safe access is coming to Florida! Below is a quote from Tom Angell of the Marijuana Majority, followed by the full text of the initiative that was approved by Florida voters today:

“This is a major tipping point: With Florida’s decision, a majority of states in the U.S. now have laws allowing patients to find relief with medical marijuana, and these protections and programs are no longer concentrated in certain regions of the country like the West and Northeast. “It looks like medical cannabis will get more votes tonight than whoever ends up winning the presidential and U.S. Senate races, and that shows just how mainstream this issue has become. The next president and the new Congress need to get to work right away in 2017 on modernizing federal law so medical cannabis patients and the businesses that serve them in a growing number of states don’t have to worry that the DEA could knock down their doors at any minute.”

BALLOT TITLE: Use of Marijuana for Debilitating Medical Conditions

BALLOT SUMMARY: Allows medical use of marijuana for individuals with debilitating medical conditions as determined by a licensed Florida physician. Allows caregivers to assist patients’ medical use of marijuana. The Department of Health shall register

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