Florida dispensaries considered essential business and will stay open during statewide shutdown.​ | Florida Dispensaries

Florida dispensaries considered essential business and will stay open during statewide shutdown.​

Florida medical marijuana dispensaries deemed indispensable

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Florida is among the many medical marijuana states that have deemed cannabis dispensaries to be an essential service during the Covid 19 Coronavirus outbreak along with drug stores, food stores, and gas stations, among others.

Many Floridians, including many older residents, rely on medical marijuana to relieve the symptoms of chronic medical conditions such as persistent pain, epileptic seizures, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Moreover, many patients use medical marijuana to relieve anxiety and help them sleep — a welcome benefit with so much to be anxious about during the crisis.

Medical marijuana advocacy group Americans for Safe Access sent a letter to governors and state regulators across the country urging them to ensure that medical marijuana services aren’t interrupted by emergency plans.

The current administration did not require much prodding, however. Medical marijuana dispensaries in Florida are actually considered pharmacies according to Florida statute. Consequently, dispensaries are automatically considered an essential service.

Many MMTC brands are taking the following steps to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus while still being able to service the patient community.

  • A and B teams in cultivation centers and dispensaries.

  • Built out Plexiglas shields at the register and reception area.

  • Increased Marijuana Home Delivery

  • Express online ordering and stores with Drive Through.

  • Adding Curbside Pick Up

  • CanPay debit for phone scan checkout.

Delivery is available for medical marijuana patients statewide

Many Florida dispensaries offer delivery service to card-carrying medical marijuana patients. And some locations also offer on-line ordering and drive-through service. Precautions and safety measures are taking place at store locations and using CanPay Debit is now recommended as an alternate way to pay than cash.

Delivery drivers in the state are carrying a letter signed by Surgeon General Scott Rivkees stating that dispensaries “performs a critical role in providing healthcare delivery services.” The letter also authorizes drivers to be exempt from curfews during the declared State of Emergency.

Telemedicine for marijuana

Florida is also temporarily permitting doctors to consult with their patients via phone or video conference — a practice known as telemedicine. 

Although FL medical card doctors are still required to consult with patients face-to-face for initial certification, follow-up appointments for order renewals can be done remotely from home saving patients from having to venture out and risk contamination.

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