I’m angry, sad, and nervous about what this means for Florida, but the deed is done and Florida voters have chosen to take Amendment 2’s author, John Morgan, at his word. All we can do now is implore Florida’s Legislature to take him at his word as well. We may have lost the battle, but hopefully we won’t lose the war.

When I debated Mr. Morgan on WESH 2 News in mid-October, he made three bold promises to voters which the Legislature should now take as evidence of the authors’ intent. Morgan began the debate by assuring the moderator (Adrian Whitset) and myself: “(Amendment 2) is not the legalization of recreational marijuana. What this is, is a cure — a help for really, really, really sick people.”

There’s nothing the Legislature can do about the lack of conclusive evidence that marijuana cures, or even effectively treats, any ailment. They can, however, take Morgan at his word and ensure marijuana goes only to the “really, really, really sick” by further defining “other debilitating medical conditions” and effectively shutting down the unscrupulous, pill-mill-style doctors who will take advantage of any and all ambiguities.

Morgan’s second promise was made knowing I would cite the Department of Health’s analysis from the Fiscal Impact Estimating Conference. Namely, their estimation that Amendment 2 would bring nearly 2,000 pot shops to Florida. “They’re going to say there’s going to be a pot shop on every corner …” he began; and in attempt to stop me in my tracks, he promised: “Any municipality can ban it from their cities or county.”

If this was really his intention, he should’ve included a similar clause in his amendment. Regardless, the Legislature should take John Morgan at his word and write legislation that expressly gives municipalities the right to limit, restrict

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