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Are you a certified Florida MMJ Doctor or Physician’s Clinic that would like to help more qualified patients get medical marijuana? We welcome all recommending MedCard doctors in Florida to list your practice and get on the map.

Fill out the registration form below, then email us back and confirm your info. We have a few listing options to help you build your business.

If you are not certified yet, follow the instructions below:


Florida Cannabis Doctor Certification Instructions

  • Have an active and unrestricted license as a medical doctor or osteopathic physician in Florida.
  • Take the 2-hour course and examination offered by the Florida Medical Association or Florida Osteopathic Medical Association, depending on your license type.
    • If a physician took the previously offered course, they must take the 2-hour course on or before December 26, 2017, in order to remain a qualified physician.
  • You must re-take this course each time you renew your license if you wish to remain a physician qualified to order medical marijuana and low-THC cannabis.
  • Physicians ineligible to be qualified physicians
    • Physicians holding a restricted license
    • Physicians that are employed by an MMTC or Marijuana Testing Laboratory, including physicians that are a medical director for those companies
    • Physicians that have a direct economic interest in an MMTC or Marijuana Testing Laboratory
    • Physicians that have any indirect economic interest in an MMTC or Marijuana Testing Laboratory
  • The Office of Medical Marijuana Use will publish a list of all physicians meeting these qualifications on its website as required under 381.986(10)(e). This list is published regardless of whether the physician has a profile in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry or has placed, or intends to place, any orders.
    Once completing the course, you will be able to gain access to the Compassionate Use Registry and order the medicine for a qualified patient.
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