(Photo: Matt Pendleton, 247Sports)

TAMPA — Florida coach Dan Mullen is looking to balance out his roster at each position, and there are a few spots that are currently a little tricky.

Mullen has provided his ideal numbers at each position in a given recruiting class, and from there we can extrapolate the rough balance of how the roster should look. It’s not all that dissimilar from either of the last two head coaches, though there are one or two areas with a little heavier emphasis.

For one, Mullen’s offense will probably be a little heavier on receivers and tight ends than running backs than former coach Jim McElwain’s. What the new coach really wants to avoid, though, is an issue that has plagued Florida’s offensive line for years: unbalanced classes.

“I play the numbers game all the time in roster management,” Mullen said last week in Tampa. “You’re constantly ‘how many do we have at this position this year? How many do we have to sign?’ You never want to have to sign too many at one position in any given year. It’s not healthy.”

After severe mismanagement of the numbers from 2010-12 on the offensive line, Florida is still trying to recover roster balance at the position.

The Gators signed just six offensive linemen in that three-year span and two saw their careers end quickly (a medical hardship and a transfer).

That left Florida scrambling to bring in offensive linemen over the next few years, causing some pretty severe reaches and even further unnecessary turnover. The Gators signed five offensive linemen in 2013; only one finished his career at Florida. They signed six in 2014; only two either finished at Florida or remain on the roster.

Finally they had better luck in the 2015 class, signing five with only