(Photo: © Kim Klement, USA TODAY Sports)

LAKELAND, Fla. — Typically it isn’t very hard to look at a college football team and find out who its few real leaders are. Look at Florida, though, and you might be left scratching your head.

CeCe Jefferson? Martez Ivey? C’yontai Lewis? Feleipe Franks?

The Gators don’t have anyone right now that stands out as the type of fiery competitor who can will his teammates to do more like a Tim Tebow, or even a calmer more quiet but equally followable guy like a Chris Leak.

For coach Dan Mullen, it’s about developing that leadership within the team so it isn’t the coaches who are having to direct the program.

“They’re figuing out how to push each other, how to learn, how to lead, learning how to follow,” Mullen said. “I try to explain to people, but for us the best type of leadership on a football team is going to come from within. If it comes from within the team we have a chance to be a great football team. If it comes from the coaches, trickle-down effect, it’s not going to be as good, so we’re constantly trying to teach them that they have to lead from within.”

The first-year Florida coach used one example to show how he is trying to set the tone for leadership within the program.

The accountability in all aspects of the program was lacking under the previous regime, and Mullen is out to fix it. One of the ways he’s doing that is by demanding more accountability to teammates.

So when one player slips up, the whole team or his group within the team pays the price.

“We have a leadership committee that the players voted on. There’s certain things that they’re learning and certain standards