Senate President-designate Joe Negron on Tuesday released his chamber’s proposed rules for 2016-18, which didn’t contain the strict provisions of their House counterparts.

But the Stuart Republican, set to officially take over next week, still told members in a memo to “review the attached documents carefully” since “the adoption of rules is a significant matter.”

Noteworthy changes include:

— Increasing the ethics training requirement to four hours from one hour.

— Allowing the Rules Committee to report to the “findings concerning a Senator’s appeal of his or her removal from committee.”

For instance, that might have helped then-Sen. Mike Fasano in 2012. Former Senate President Mike Haridopolos stripped Fasano of his chairmanship of a Senate budget subcommittee after he fought a plan to privatize prisons.

Haridopolos also booted Fasano, now Pasco County’s tax collector, off the Appropriations committee.

— Requiring the “introducer or the first or second named co-introducer to present a bill in committee or subcommittee.”

This means that legislative aides can no longer present bills for senators who are busy elsewhere or absent from the Capitol.

— Changes the call to end a committee meeting from “rise” to “adjourn.”

Committee chairs had long ended meetings by saying that a fellow senator “moves we rise.” But the expression became a pet peeve of Rules chair David Simmons.

” ‘Adjourn’ is the proper parliamentary form by which to end a committee meeting,” explains a summary of the rule changes.

— Eliminates the need for “courtesy sponsors.”

A new rule allows a bill’s introducer “to offer an amendment to his or her own bill when a committee or subcommittee of which they are not a member is considering their bill.”

Unlike the House, the new Senate rules only address lobbyists in the context of being on the floor while the Senate is in session.

“During a sitting, no person admitted … shall engage in any lobbying activity involving

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