Championship trophies for college football aren’t handed out in February, but the data suggests they can be won or lost during that month. Winning in college football is all about recruiting, which puts Florida State in a great position to succeed moving forward.

CBS Sports pointed out in a column Wednesday that 11 of the 16 spots in the College Football Playoffs have been awarded to the same four teams: Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Oklahoma. All four programs have recruited at or near the top of their respective conferences.

Meanwhile, the other five teams that have each appeared in the playoff system once – Florida State, Georgia, Oregon, Washington and Michigan State – have also averaged a recruiting class ranked inside the top 25 over the past five years.

With all of this in mind, Florida State should feel great about its chance of getting back to the playoffs. The Seminoles average recruiting class rank since 2014 is 5.2, which is fourth-best in the FBS.

Here’s the top 10 football programs in terms of average class rank over the last five years from CBS Sports:

As the chart indicates, the only other ACC team close to Florida State is Clemson, who came in at No. 8 in terms of average class rank since 2014.

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