Florida State running backs are gaining yards without problem, but they have been unable to turn that production into points through four games, as written by Curt Weiler.

There was no in-person media availability Wednesday, but Jimbo Fisher did talk on the ACC’s weekly teleconference and on his own call-in show.

Corey Clark, columnist for the Tallahassee Democrat touches on Bobby Bowden’s ability to hold a room even as he approaches the age of 88.

“A preacher was talking to me one time, he was talking about enemies,” Bowden said. “He says, ‘Everybody has an enemy. Everybody has at least one enemy. I said, ‘I don’t.’ He said, ‘How old are you?’ I said, ‘I’m 87.’ He says, ‘You mean you’re 87 and you don’t have any enemies?’

“I said, ‘No, they’re all dead.'”

SB Nation college football writer Ryan Nanni, who also happens to be a UF grad, broke down Florida’s questionable “Gator” uniforms the team will be sporting this weekend.

Brendan Sonnone of Noles247 put together a list of 10 things which have contributed to FSU’s 1-3 start.

10. Attitude, confidence

This team isn’t lazy. It clearly cares, and that’s significant. We haven’t seen the loafing and quit that helped lead to FSU’s 3-2 start last season.

But there’s a lack of consistent fire and nastiness among this group right now. Part of that comes with winning and having consistent success, so manufacturing steady intensity is difficult. We saw a hungry group in the season opener against Alabama, but that loss coupled with the two-week layoff from Hurricane Irma — in which the Seminoles had to simmer on the deflating loss — seemed to rob FSU of some of its juice.

There are moments when we’ve seen both the offense and defense play with

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