I spoke with some program sources, prospects, high school and college coaches, and scouts over the last week. Here are some things I picked up on Florida State Seminoles recruiting.

Florida State is in a holding pattern at the worst possible time

Normally this time of year, I have a lot of names that Florida State’s coaches are talking to to fill the final six or seven spots but not this year. Sure, I could say that FSU is looking at WR Rashod Batemen, but things are really quiet.

In fact, it seems that some coaches aren’t doing much recruiting, if any at all. Given that much of the coaching staff either knows or suspects it won’t be returning next year thanks to a continued slide, culminating in one of the most underachieving seasons in recent college football history, this is not all that surprising. It’s debatable whether a head coach would even want coaches he is not retaining to be recruiting for him.

Normally in this situation, some coaching changes are made, and a staff works over the final eight weeks to close the class strong. But this year, due to the new Early Signing Period, even if the necessary changes are made on Dec. 3 immediately following the final regular season game, coaches are only going to have only 17 days to chat up recruits. Since most programs I chat with expect the bulk of their signing class to sign early making it extremely tough to build relationships in that short window. The more kids that sign early fewer kids who will be available to flip down the stretch.

It’s easy to say that Jimbo Fisher doubly screwed up by keeping so many coaches he will have to fire in the first year of the new Early Signing

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