An effort to empower those who cannot vote in the U.S. is turning its focus to Florida ahead of the midterm election.

The reason? Florida’s population marks an intersection of three groups that fear their voices go unheard at the ballot. Among them: immigrants without citizenship, underage voters and disenfranchised felons who have completed their sentences.

The Love Vote launched in mid-October ahead of the New Jersey gubernatorial election. Optimistic of the pilot, Brooklyn-based founder Esther de Rothschild has targeted other states, including Kentucky, Alabama and now Florida, to spread the word of what she describes as “paradigm shift” of the electoral process.

“Voting is an act of love,” Rothschild told Florida Politics.

The organization seeks to tell the stories of who they describe as ‘Movers,’ or people living in the U.S. who cannot vote, but may be able to encourage others to vote on their behalf.

The Love Vote acts as a medium by which Movers’ stories are transmitted. Video snippets of Movers are on the organization’s website, and viewers have the option to ‘promise’ to vote, because the Movers cannot. Rothschild likened the process to online crowdfunding, but instead of money, the goal

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