Florida teachers demand transparency amid pandemic

A new message from the Florida Education Association slams Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran for an alleged lack of transparency.

A 30-second commercial features Floridians of all ages staring into video conference cameras to express alarm at a spike in COVID-19 cases.

“We are public school educators, parents and students,” an alternating chorus of individuals states.

“Those at the top need to end the chaos and stop playing politics with our kids’ health. We want transparency, flexibility, stability and safety in our schools— and no cuts to education.”

It’s a continuation of thoughts the teachers’ union has already delivered about disappointment in Gov. Ron DeSantis‘s administration and its response to the pandemic regarding school systems. The FEA released a similar message last month.

“Getting accurate information, uncolored by politics, is the bare minimum of what we should expect from state government,” said FEA President Andrew Spar. “Parents and educators want the truth about what’s happening in our schools. We need to be able to trust our leaders, to know that they’re acting in our interest and not in the interest of scoring political points at the expense of Florida’s children and our communities.”

Local districts have

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