Florida, the Unequaled Destination For Wealth Movement — and It Will Only Get Better

Andrew Cuomo and Ron DeSantis

The governors of New York and Florida got into a bit of a squabble a few months ago. Andrew Cuomo complained, in amusing fashion, that Florida was “stealing” residents away from his state. The larger complaint, of course — Cuomo’s actual concern — was that billions of dollars are FLEEING his state. 

To which newly installed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis had a pithy retort: “I’m not stealing anybody — you are driving people away.”

Since that ludicrous declaration from New York’s leader, the evidence is coming in to show the problem may be even larger than Cuomo states — and about to get worse. A new study issued by Lending Tree, the online loan marketplace that measures the migration of residents between states, shows Florida is the overwhelming choice for relocation, outpacing the other 49 of these United States. 

More than mere retirement reasons, there is a growing number of wealthy citizens seeking the tax haven that the Sunshine State has become.

Florida not only tops the list of new destinations, it is the runaway leader. As measured by Lending Tree, the most recent year of study was 2016, and that year showed Florida

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