Florida tightens security at state capitol ahead of potential inauguration protests

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Cap News/WFLA) — Authorities in Tallahassee are on alert for any potential armed and violent protests at the Florida Capitol ahead of next week’s inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden in Washington.

Legislative staff in Tallahassee have been told to work remotely if they must work on Sunday.

State senators spent an hour behind closed doors on Monday for a classified security briefing.

“Our Senate president was dead serious when he said they would keep us safe, and I felt very good walking out of that security briefing,” State Sen. Janet Cruz (D-Tampa) said.

State Sen. Linda Stewart (D-Orlando) said the security briefing also included tips for when senators were not at the capitol.

“There’s a bunch of crazy people out there. We can’t tell what they are doing,” Sen. Stewart said. “I’ve already gotten several flyers that are promoting violence, and we must always be on our toes and be alert.”

Flyers circulating the internet promise protests across the country beginning Sunday. The FBI sent out a warning, putting all 50 state capitols on alert.

U.S. Attorney Lawrence Keefe of Northern Florida said plans are in place to keep the peace.

“We are in a 24/7 command

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