Jacksonville’s daily paper, the Florida Times-Union, isn’t known for sounding the clarion call of revolution.

However, its unsigned editorial endorsing Donald Trump strikes that chord, representing the GOP nominee as the “change agent” that America needs, one that accords with the paper’s “center-right” tradition.

“America needs a major shake-up. There is only one presidential candidate with the will and ability to do it,” writes the T-U.

“Donald Trump,” the T-U adds, “despite all of his faults, is best suited to blow up the inbred corruption of the Washington-New York elites.”

The Times-Union editorial page typically hews to local consensus thinking — the kind of stuff one might hear at cocktail parties locally. But in this endorsement, it’s as if it’s 1977 and the T-U is edited by Malcolm McLaren; gritty DIY-ish rhetoric permeates the text.

“Republicans, Democrats, they are all part of an establishment that didn’t even recognize the voters that Trump was appealing to …This is the kind of political revolution that was foreseen by the Founding Fathers,” the T-U observes, without citing which particular founding father would have signed off on Trump’s rhetorical flourishes, both in the current campaign cycle and throughout his public life in the preceding decades.

“If Trump breaks a little china along the way,” writes the T-U, “the country is strong enough to survive.”

Note: the “china” referred to here is likely the plates that many people have in cabinets in their dining rooms, not the great power half a world away.

The T-U points out “good reasons to expect Trump will be successful” such as his choice of “Mike Pence as his vice presidential running-mate,” which “has soothed fears.”

Trump, asserts the T-U, is “inspiring voters in ways rarely seen” by “making the powerless feel powerful.”

That assertion will be news to many African-American, Latino, LGBT, and

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