Florida to prioritize vaccine shipments to high-performing hospitals

Hospitals in Florida that underperform in distributing their allotted COVID-19 vaccines will have their share sent to hospitals that exceed expectations, Gov. Ron DeSantis warned Monday.

As of Sunday morning, 255,808 Floridians have been vaccinated, including nearly 124,000 people last week alone.

“We do not want vaccine to just be idle at some hospital system,” DeSantis said.

Florida and other states across the nation have faced what critics call a slow start to the vaccine rollout. Across the state, overwhelming demand has forced hospitals and county health departments to turn away seniors trying to register for a shot.

The Governor on Monday pushed back against people frustrated with the nationwide rollout, stressing that he trusts hospitals — which are prepared with logistical experience to distribute the vaccine— to be an effective vehicle to immunize the community.

Beginning on Dec. 14, the vaccine was only sent to five hospitals with the infrastructure to properly store the Pfizer vaccine. The following week, hospitals began receiving the Moderna vaccine, and shots were available in all counties at the end of the week that kicked off the new year.

“I think a lot of criticism nationwide is kind of unfair,”

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