TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — It isn’t the Taj Mahal, but Navy veteran Lee Hoffman found a new home in Tampa with the help of the Veteran’s Affairs

The Tampa Housing Authority inspected the home, which is located on Lake Shore Drive, and taxpayer money helped fund Hoffman’s rent, which was paid to landlord Lisa Tamplin.

It sounds like a decent deal, but when Mr. Hoffman moved into his new apartment in May, he discovered unwanted company.

“Rats,” he said “Rats in the tree, I’ve seen a rat in my hallway.”

Hoffman showed us holes in the walls where he says he’s seen the rats come and go.

After an 8News affiliate WFLA investigation into his living conditions, the housing authority checked on the home again, and this time it failed inspection.

Margaret Jones, the Director of Assisted Housing, insists the house was inspected properly when it was first checked out. So, how did the inspector miss the holes in the walls?

“Again, you’re saying there are holes there now. When we inspected, we didn’t see holes,” said Ms. Jones. “In 30 days, anything can happen.”

The landlord, Lisa Tamplin was given until June 9 to fix the holes and told WFLA the rat problem was under control.

“The holes are actually going to be repaired tomorrow,” Ms. Tamplin explained in a May interview.

But the housing authority says her repairs were subpar. The apartment failed the inspection and Tamplin wouldn’t be getting her taxpayer-funded rent money.

Since Tamplin won’t be paid, Lee Hoffman must find another place to live, and the burden of dealing with unfixed repairs falls on Hoffman. So, right now, he must find somewhere else to live.

“That’s why we are so clear when we tell them, before you move in, make sure that you know that

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