Florida: Voter registration system crash wasn't cyberattack

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida officials say there is no indication that a cyberattack crashed the state’s online voter registration system just before the enrollment deadline for casting ballots in next month’s presidential election.

Secretary of State Laurel Lee said in a statement issued late Tuesday that it does not appear that bad actors caused Monday’s collapse of registration system. Lee has said that over a million attempts an hour were coming into the system, causing it to overload.

Rep. Castor: Florida’s online voter registration issues a ‘black eye’ for Gov. DeSantis, state

Cyber security experts have said that an intentional attack aimed at crippling the system would have involved millions of attempts per second.

“We have not identified any evidence of interference or malicious activity impacting the site,” Lee said.

Because of the crash, Gov. Ron DeSantis allowed additional registrations for seven hours Tuesday. Several voting and minority rights groups filed a federal lawsuit, saying that was insufficient and arguing that at least two more days are needed to allow for people to be informed of the extension and to act on it.

Florida extends voter registration deadline after users report problems with online registration system

U.S. District Chief Judge Mark

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