Both major party candidates for governor of Florida–Democrat Andrew Gillum, and Republican former Congressman Ron DeSantis, who are 39 and 40 years of age respectively–are not qualified nor experienced to lead the state of Florida, and it is not because of their ages.  

Mayor Gillum should withdraw from the race if he does not succeed in gaining an immediate clearance by the FBI on its ongoing investigation of the Tallahassee government, which he leads or, at the very least, being  declared free of any personal wrongdoing by the FBI. Gillum’s withdrawal, if necessary, would be a responsible action on his part, in light of the concerned voters of Florida who fear, if he is victorious, a possible indictment of its governor, three months after the election.

The other four candidates who ran in the Democratic nominees abdicated their responsibility by not raising the issue of the FBI investigation, thereby misinforming and misleading the public and the Democratic primary voters.  

The media has also compounded the problem by failing to report, in this general election period, that there are four other qualified candidates for governor on the ballot, three of them independents and one of them running as the Reform Party

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