Florida voting organization accused of changing voter's party affiliation on registration form, election official says

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Many voters say they have concerns about the integrity of our elections. With Nov. 3 right around the corner, 8 On Your Side is tracking fraud complaints from the August 2020 primary.

There are more than 21 million people in Florida. However, only 12 Floridians reported alleged fraud in the primary election held on Aug. 18. The numbers show fraud is not widespread but still, 8 On Your Side is digging into every single allegation.

One of the complaints came from Mark Earley, the supervisor of elections in Leon County.

“It does look like fraud was involved to change the party affiliation,” Mr. Earley said.

Right now, there’s an investigation into an organization called New Florida Majority Education Fund. Mr. Earley reported the group, claiming one of their field workers changed a voter’s party affiliation from Republican to Democrat on a registration form.

This initially caused problems in the August primary.

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“We managed to actually get it fixed and the voter did vote on the correct ballot,” said Mr. Earley.

8 On Your Side Investigative Reporter Mahsa Saeidi asked if this

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