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There are four statewide amendments on the ballot this election cycle (one was passed during the primaries in August). Some of the counties along the central West Coast of Florida also have amendments for your voting pleasure. Below is a summary of the amendments, and the pros and cons of each, taken from the websites and statements of supporters and detractors. WMNF isn’t recommending voting in any particular way, and believes that you are smart enough to figure it out for yourself. Sources for much of the information here are listed at the end of the post. Election day is Tuesday, November 8, but as of 11/4/16 it appears that 5,267,750 people have already cast their votes.

Statewide Amendments that have organized support and opposition

Amendment 1 : Solar Energy :   Rights of Electricity Consumers Regarding Solar Energy Choice
Probably the amendment that is getting the most ink right now, this amendment was one of two citizen’s initiative amendments on the ballot, though its detractors might argue with describing it as citizens driven. But utility companies are people too! (according to the Citizens United decision)

Supporters (its sponsor is the political committee Consumers for Smart Solar) say that the amendment  “promotes solar in the Sunshine State, protects Florida consumers from scams, rip-offs and unfair subsidies, and guarantees your constitutional right to place solar panels on your home.” They also posit that solar energy users are being unfairly subsidized by non-users. The Florida Solar Energy Industries Association and Floridians for Solar Choice filed a lawsuit on 11/2/16 asking the Florida Supreme Court to strike the amendment from the ballot, and with that court against Florida’s Secretary of State, asking him to “not canvass the election results” for that amendment. The court turned the petition down this afternoon.

The Sierra Club

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