Florida’s first COVID-19 booster shots can begin

The first Floridians can begin receiving their COVID-19 booster shot Monday as the state begins week four of its vaccine rollout.

Pfizer and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend people wait 21 days after receiving their first Pfizer shot to receive the booster. That means follow-up appointments can begin Monday for 28 people who, according to Department of Health records, received their first round of the vaccine on Dec. 14.

That day, three major Florida hospitals received their first shipments of Pfizer vaccine doses, which were used to offer shots to health care workers at those hospitals and in their health care systems. Two more hospitals received vaccines the following day, and state officials and private partners began administering the vaccine to some nursing home residents and staff later that week.

By the end of the rollout’s first seven days, more than 48,700 Floridians had been vaccinated. As of Sunday morning, 255,808 people had received their first dose, including 74,242 people 65 years old or older.

According to the CDC, recipients can receive the booster shot as early as 17 days after their first shot if conflicts prevent them from waiting the full 21 days. As of

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