Fluent Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Jacksonville, FL

9901 San Jose Blvd
Suite 3
Jacksonville, FL 32257

Hours of Operation:

MON-FRI: 10:00AM-7:00PM
SAT & SUN: 10:00AM-6:00PM

Payment Methods:

Cash & CanPay Accepted
ATM Available On Site


Dispensary/MMTC – Open

Jacksonville – Fluent, formerly Knox Medical, now has an open medical marijuana dispensary location at 9901 San Jose Blvd – Jacksonville, FL 32257 to service Orange Park, Saint Johns, Middleburg and Duval County in general.

Fluent Cannabis Care is committed to ensuring medical cannabis patients near Jacksonville access to consistent and pure THC and CBD products, in a professional dispensary location from the highest level of industry experts.

Fluent MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition must have received a Florida MedCard from an State Certified MMJ Doctor. The low-THC/ high CBD cannabis products are available for patients who prefer non-euphoric care.


Fluent cannabis care products may be available by home delivery in Jacksonville to service Orange Park, Saint Johns, Middleburg and throughout Duval County. Florida Med Card holders can order online or over the phone and have marijuana deliveries RX arrive right to the door.

Please see the discounts section for additional details & limitations. Call 833.735.8368 to schedule and check availability of home delivery. $25 delivery fee applies to orders under $200.

Find a recommending doctor near me on our Doctors Maps here or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Fluent Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Kathleen Greer (Kathy)
Kathleen Greer (.
18:43 31 Dec 21
Always great experience. Very personable and helpful for my choices or needs.
07:48 05 Dec 21
I’ve lived in Holland for many years and this is the closet to a coffee shop with quality each time I visit more knowledge gained thanks and great job my friendsread more
Mark Hilton
Mark H.
23:15 30 Nov 21
I normally shop at TL. They were out of the type of mmj I normally get so I took a chance, ordered from Fluent, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Good flower. Very happy with it, and the 30% veterans discount helped a lot. The staff was excellent too. Very efficient, and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work. I’ll be seeing you all again soon. Thank you! 😊read more
Steven Browning
Steven B.
01:13 08 Nov 21
Customer service is good, but their prices/variety don’t compare with anyone else in town. Way overpriced, sales are usually artificial (raising the prices to lower them=/= sale), and frequently short on cartridges and syringes. Go to Curaleaf or Trulief for better prices, discounts, rewards, and product.read more
Lindsay Jemsek
Lindsay J.
15:46 21 Oct 21
I’ve been in here about 4 times now and have a fantastic experience Everytime. Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable.
Cynthia Miller
Cynthia M.
18:56 17 Oct 21
I’m new to medical marijuana and was not sure how the whole process works or what to expect. Everyone here from the front desk to the employees in the back are friendly, helpful, patient, and very kind. Plus, they have exactly what I need.read more
Brandon Orr
Brandon O.
14:06 05 Oct 21
Love this place. My favorite dispensary! Everyone is super friendly. The flower is always great.
15:41 01 Oct 21
If you guys are looking for GOOD well made pre rolls this is the spot. All the other places seem to pack their pre rolls too tight which makes for a lot of wasted flower and difficult to smoke. Fluent’ pre rolls are very smooth and easy to light.read more
GB_ 47
GB_ 4.
18:03 15 Sep 21
Staff is great but they don’t even fill your cartridge all the way. It’s almost disrespectful. This is supposed to be a brand new cartridge. Not even half way full. Been going there for a while but not worth my money.read more
Alexa Gates
Alexa G.
00:45 11 Sep 21
The receptionist who helped me out was Brie and she was amazing! really nice atmosphere overall, and her recommendations really helped with my insomnia :))))read more
07:53 05 Sep 21
1 of the Best Places in Town, Good, products and services, Ok going there, GREAT LEAVING there, 👌 just saying
Hunter Kalbfleisch
Hunter K.
15:40 23 Aug 21
Will say product is not out of this world not the best dispensary but the people are amazing always give me a great experience and it keeps me going back just to see the people. Huge shout out to Stacy who really made my day betterread more
Angel Byrd
Angel B.
22:11 21 Jun 21
First time here and I was blown away by how friendly, knowledgeable, and professional the staff were. First time discount was awesome too! High grade products and so many choices I didn’t even know where to begin, but curator Natalie was amazing help! She helped inform me what does what, what was best for my needs, and just was an overall great person. I am so happy I came here today and I will definitely be coming back. I hope Natalie sees this and know that she’s doing an amazing job!👍🎉😊read more
Michael Neff
Michael N.
12:43 11 Apr 21
Attentive to your needs accurately. Highest quality products available. Organic. Very, very user friendly. They will help you understand the products to best meet your needs effectively.read more
Gabriel Heater
Gabriel H.
02:18 21 Mar 21
They are very knowledgable and thorough. The business is very clean and much like a pharmacy. It is a professional business much deserving.read more
mark salameh
mark S.
19:06 09 Jan 21
I have been doing business with fluent on the regular. Usually the staff is very helpful. I purchased CBD Perla capsules Several months ago for sleep problems. They work OK they work for about an hour and then you wake up Wideawake. These pills are very expensive if I’m not mistaken $95 a bottle. So the bottle that’s been in my bathroom on the sink no exposure to my shower. And the bottle is wet on the inside and it is the pills are sticking together. They offered me no compensation except for 10% off my next purchase. This is $100 bottle. I will not ever ever ever go back to fluent.read more
Emily Hurd
Emily H.
16:07 04 Dec 20
Love this Dispensary!! Sabrina, Jo, & Philip are amazing, always helpful and kind. Extremely Knowledgeable location.
Jenn Clark
Jenn C.
15:08 12 Nov 20
I decided to change my review for many reasons and one of those is the “I dont care” attitude that the new wave of curators seem to have. They are also extremely slow, and dont seem to be respectful of your time whatsoever. However, the manager, Jo, is amazing. I absolutely love the staff that’s been there for a while, and the store is always clean. The products are also good, although lately I’ve gotten prerolls that I’ve had to take home and reroll them. I do recommend this store, if you have a discount and the time to wait to receive your order, even if you do have an express order….read more
Kristina Hall
Kristina H.
14:20 28 Oct 20
This place is very nice! Prices are right there with everyone else. No funny business at fluent/knoxx even if you don’t order before you go in you can still order product and get it very quickly. Products are top notch buds are always tight and smoke very nice.read more
David McAnally
David M.
14:30 05 Oct 20
I have been going to fluent since I got my card. I love it there! The staff remembers me everytime I show up. There prices are not too bad for the quality of the product. I do get a veteran’s discount. If u watch the website there are usually some type of special. This place rocks.read more
Michaela Harris
Michaela H.
03:21 01 Oct 20
You have to go in store. King of the bait in switch over the phone. Quoted 17 percent get home with 12. They tell me to check the bag… No answer correctly or say I don’t know. Responsibility falls on the store to know the product, not the customer pre ordering.read more
Itz Star
Itz S.
20:04 11 Aug 20
This place byfar is amazing
Ryan Overby
Ryan O.
13:37 04 Aug 20
I recently requested a refund in the form of store credit for a bad oil cart. I had purchased one that did not fit in my high end battery and when I used one of FLUENT’s batteries, which they recommend you use above all others, the oil would burn and taste bitter. I asked if I could return it and get a credit towards some flower or tincture. They were completely out of flower… again, but that wouldn’t matter because the manager refused to take it back. My only option was to get the same oil cart again. Truelieve will return any product you buy without hesitation because they know that a small $40 oil cart means nothing in the long term. So from now on I will just buy from them. Each of your customers can potentially spend thousands of dollars throughout the year and its a shame you don’t see that. I give you 2 stars simply because the staff is very friendly, just an unreasonable manager is all. The end result, was that I left the cart on the counter and ask them to dispose of it properly, no sense in arguing over a small amount of money.read more
Tiffany Prosper
Tiffany P.
22:38 30 Jul 20
This location is always fast, and the staff is friendly. Never had a bad experience!
Sarah Soto
Sarah S.
14:07 08 Jul 20
First time visit TODAY and my experience was so positive I am actually motivated to write a review! Every single staff member I encountered was polite, knowledgeable, and laid back; a very welcoming combination. I tried Baldor, (which is their blue dream strain,) and it was DOPE. A very nice, non-anxious body high, with a pinch of euphoria. This is a great daytime strain, and none of that “I’m wired but can’t move” feeling. I also purchased some of their Atlas, but have yet to try it. Cannot recommend Fluent enough!read more
Sam Abate
Sam A.
22:46 20 Jun 20
Justin helped and was absolutely knowledgeable and friendly. He helped me get the right meds I needed. Awesome tender. The whole place was awesome. It was like hanging out with family. While I was in there. I cant forget about Carlos and Katie they were auper friendly and knowledgeable as well. I highly recommend checking it out. I found a new happy place.read more
Ashley Scianna
Ashley S.
21:01 17 Jun 20
I get covid is around, but that doesnt give you a right to snap becuase i touched your counter, walk into businesses all the time.. Never been talked to like such, thanks for making me feel like I was an issue, I gladly walked out. Find a kinder receptionist.read more
Taylor Smith
Taylor S.
13:46 22 May 20
Company def needs to work on stock and the amount of strains you can choose from. only 8 when i went. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable about product and my prescription. Helped me on my 1st time. Enjoyed my service there. Great place to go for your 1st time. quick too! no lines.read more
mariah c.
mariah C.
17:06 05 May 20
The environment at this dispensary was warm and inviting as soon as I walked in. I had a fantastic time learning all about this particular cannabis dispensary offerings from Carlos. He was genuine and very descriptive when listening and asking questions about my needs and wants from my medicine experience.Also they have great discounts for first time vistors! What’s not to love about visiting this place?!read more
William Buck
William B.
18:40 30 Apr 20
I’m giving 3 because the Staff is great, friendly and attentive.My only real concern is they are always low on stock. I used a tracking card to identify what strains work best for my needs and I found a edible and flower combo that worked great. But I haven’t seen them sold together in over 6 months, leaving me with bouts of anxiety.I want to be loyal, but I wouldn’t go to a pharmacy that only carried my meds sometimes.read more
Amanda Stewart
Amanda S.
21:45 28 Mar 20
Love the staff at Fluent, but as a patient, trying to fit this expense into my budget, Fluent is not my first pick. They rarely have flower. The selection of flower and inhalants is minimal and the pricing is steep. Don’t look for deals here. Return/ exchange policy is non existent so if you don’t like something you’re stuck with it even if you’re a regular. It’s a shame because the location is super convenient. Hoping they will be able to increase productivity and become competitive with local Trulieve and MUV dispensaries.read more
Bobby King
Bobby K.
15:52 18 Mar 20
Great staff, good product. Worth the extra minute to patronize a business who’s staff actually listens to what you have to say. Much appreciated.read more
Cub Joseph
Cub J.
16:01 16 Feb 20
I Loved when they were Knox they had great customer service, and they delivered. Now that they change their name to FLUENT, customer service on the 800 can be frustration when you ask to talk with the store, you get the runaround. FLUENT on San Jose Blvd, knows I live alone and I have no one to really help me get to the store. I have problems with sickness and driving sometimes make it worse for the motion of the car can make me sick. I called in on Feb/14/2020 and placed an order with the store buy3 get 1free, I asked the lady working if they could hold my order till Sunday Feb/16/2020 to give me a chance to make it over the Buckman Bridge to pick up my order. The lady said yes, they know me and understand. I call the 800 number Feb/16/2020 and ask to talk with the store, she called the store instead and said they DID NOT have an call in order for me. I ask the lady on the 800 to have the Manager of the store to call me about this matter, she said I may not get a call back. I NEED HELP FLUENT and YOUR Understanding that I am not able to run out, as my health problems keep me from getting out, as other people like me need help also. Please do something to help Us people. Thank you.read more
Dolly Toyloy
Dolly T.
19:27 26 Jan 20
free vape pen at my first visit. fast service. discount at check out. great customer service. they accept debit card and cash. SWEET, the only down fall is the cartridge dose not fit in my Vessel vape penread more
Jeremiah Johnson
Jeremiah J.
01:40 21 Jan 20
Alexis is just FANTASTIC. When you speak to her you can tell she truly cares about every question and statement you make to her. If there if a concern or question that you have, she will make the time to answer each and every question. If she is not able to answer your question, she will find someone in the store that can answer your question. She makes you want to come back to the store and shop more. She not only answers your questions, but she breaks it down to a simple form to make sure you understand it. She also remembers her customers and when she makes a recommendation, she makes sure she asks you about it when you return to make sure she was able to help you. I have had to deal with a lot of people when it comes to customer service and I whole heartily wish we were able to make a large number of clones of her and place her into positions where she is training and managing people and the customer service industry would improve 20 fold.Alexis thank you for the care you show every time I am there.read more
Williams Mcmanaman
Williams M.
10:13 24 Oct 19
Awesome facility and friendly staff
Samantha Feaster
Samantha F.
23:18 21 Oct 19
Love the high quality products at this location. The staff always helps me find something new that becomes a staple. The staff is attentive and friendly. They’re wait times are so short, that I can be in and out in 20 minutes! Love Fluent!read more
Dean Holland
Dean H.
15:53 10 May 18
I gave Knox another chance today and they exceeded my expectations very polite and very friendly and the product I got is amazing much better than trulieves Girl Scout cookies. I will definitely be returning!read more
Aoladari .
Aoladari .
20:58 07 Jan 18
Good service and products, but the company needs to work on their stock issues.
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