Fluent Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Panama City, FL

3611 US-98
Panama City, FL 32401

Hours of Operation:

Mon – Fri: 9 – 6
Sat – Sun: 9 – 5

Payment Methods:

ATM Onsite

Dispensary/MMTC – Open

Panama City – Fluent, formerly Knox Medical, has opened a medical marijuana dispensary location at 3611 W US Hwy 98 in Panama City, FL 32401 in to service Lynn Haven, Youngstown, Fountain and Bay County in general.

Fluent Cannabis Care is committed to ensuring medical cannabis patients near Panama City access to consistent and pure THC and CBD products, in a professional dispensary location from the highest level of industry experts.

Fluent MMJ Patients diagnosed with a Qualifying Condition must have received a Florida MedCard from an State Certified MMJ Doctor. The low-THC/ high CBD cannabis products are available for patients who prefer non-euphoric care.

Fluent Products


Fluent cannabis care products are available by home delivery in Panama City, Lynn Haven, Youngstown, Fountain and throughout Bay County. Florida MedCard holders can order online or over the phone and have marijuana deliveries RX arrive right to the door.

Please see the discounts section for additional details & limitations. Call 833.735.8368 to schedule a home delivery. Free Delivery, no minimum required!

Find a recommending doctor near me on our Doctors Maps here or fill out the Patient Registration Form and one will contact you to schedule an appointment.

Fluent Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary

What People Are Saying

Nick Whitmore
Nick W.
22:31 31 Jul 20
I came to this place the first time about 3 weeks ago and bought some flower and about 10 pre rolls (so 10packs of three) I returned there today and bought 7 more Pre rolls mainly because they were great! When I got home I opened one up and ever single J was inconsistent in size, were twisted at the end longer than the product was long. The filter paper part was longer than the actual smokable part on some. Long story “short” I’m very displeased and will spread the word that they are ripping people off. I just smoked one and took 4 hits and it was going to the roach pile. Not happy and will not be returning.read more
Joint jutsu Konan
Joint jutsu K.
14:49 30 Jul 20
I. Love. Fluent. So many great things to say, first the staff.. STACEY
Allison Dawsey
Allison D.
23:48 21 Jul 20
I'm a newbie and it was my first time in and I wasn't really greeted. Just walked around looking confused for a good 5 or so minutes until she finally asked what I needed and took my card... But after that was fine... Just need to make sure you greet everyone. (another one of those cases where I wondered if I was dead because she greeted everyone after me. 😂)read more
Andrew bush
Andrew B.
18:36 14 Jun 20
Do Not Buy Flower From Fluent! Zero ⭐️‘sThe Panama City,FL location is labeling their flower Boldor as Hydra. Happened to me on 6/12 and today on 6/14. I went back to ask for a refund or exchange and they said no. When Fluent gives out the wrong medicine that can be dangerous! I asked for Hydra flower(Jack Hererr strain) and they gave me Boldor(Blue Dream stain) TWICE! The quality of medicine at Truelieve is 100 times better and they actually will give you what they advertise! Plus at Truelieve if there is a problem they will make it right by a refund or a exchange no hassle! I will not be going back to Fluent! Terrible company policy regarding customer service when they make a mistake by swapping flower stains and hoping no customers can tell the difference or will complain about it! Fluent: 0 out of 5 ⭐️‘sTruelieve: 5 out of 5 ⭐️‘sread more
Becky Wagner
Becky W.
21:18 20 May 20
Great service! More knowledgable than most. Very good experience shopping there.
GOD'S Listening
18:35 09 May 20
Hands down the best customer service, I've had in a long time since my own BUSINESS if I may pat myself on the back. Being a small business owner before hurricane Michael took it, I understand what it takes... but I look for small details... FAMILY team atmosphere, CUSTOMER SERVICE ALL THE WAY, ...do you upsell, are you out sourcing and helping the COMMUNITY as a local business.... you all got it..., a Devine team from management to the newest one guy that checked my products out. And when they recommend product they product called Pivot....AMAZING....they treat you like your supposed to be treated like FAMILY when you walk in the door, I felt like I was going to see my 7 year primary care physician... not a legal drug dealer, I have had my medical card for over a year and have been anxiety ridden to even use it, part of my issue... my anxiety.. because of stigmas.... thank you FLUENT CANNABIS PANAMA CITY, YOU REALLY KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR PATIENTS. I WILL BE BACK.Bo Bowmanread more
Jennifer Sheffield
Jennifer S.
19:43 04 May 20
This place is a total ripoff the flower they have for 45.00 an 8th is popcorn flower advertise as whole flower an they refuse to take it back even tho the seal have not been broken! They have lost my business for goid an several of my friends that are medical patients.read more
Chad Mac
Chad M.
18:50 29 Apr 20
Good store to check out with cool people and great products
20:04 29 Feb 20
Always out of flower unless you want to wait outside on delivery day for an hour before opening........would suggest handling transactions at counter at a faster pace......was only one in waiting area and listened to Customer at counter blab about nothing pertinent to a cannibis transaction...left after waiting 15min.Will not be returning. Dispensary on beach side is always stocked.read more
21:51 23 Feb 20
I came in on the grand opening and was so pleased to be served by Amy! They answered all of my questions concerning back pain and which product could aid me the best. I walked away with the indica capsules and my body has never felt more amazing! My only complaint about the capsules is that they're not vegan formula. I want ALL of my friends ( who are card carrying patients) to try this even if they have diet restrictions. Amy is patient,knowledgeable and a great contribution to our MMJ community. Thank you, Fluent!read more
Curtis Mcgraw
Curtis M.
01:08 23 Feb 20
Quick in and out. I thought the grand opening was great. Especially for the first 40 customers anyway. The products are of very good as far as I can tell. My only negative that I took away is how tiny the store is. I hope that things go well. I WILL be returning to the store I just hope if they're busy it's not raining.🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈read more
James Johnson
James J.
05:13 21 Feb 20
Brian and Isaac were extremely helpful and were very thorough when explaining the products
Jeremy Boyd
Jeremy B.
21:10 19 Feb 20
Best quality in the industry, and excited they have finally opened their doors in Panama City.
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