This isn’t the first time it stormed on the FloridaLSU football game.

When the teams get together Saturday for a makeup game, it should rekindle some memories for former Gators’ head coach Steve Spurrier. After all, Spurrier has been through it before.

It was 1964, and Spurrier was a sophomore when Hurricane Hilda went through Baton Rouge. That year, there was no change of venue; the teams simply played the game on Dec. 5.

LSU was ranked No. 7 in the nation going into the game, and therefore was a heavy favorite over a Florida team that had lost three times. But Spurrier led the Gators to a 20-6 victory. LSU still went on the win the Orange Bowl, while Florida stayed home.

This year, LSU is ranked No. 16. Florida is No. 21.

And Spurrier? He’s now a consultant for the Gator football team.

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