Forget Institutional: How to Create Interesting Kitchens

While shopping for a new home, we’ve probably all entered at least one stark, monochromatic kitchen that recalled our elementary-school cafeterias.

Even if you attended a hip elementary school with hip decor, its kitchen was likely faceless. Efficiency was the daily priority and plain white and stainless steel worked fine.

But why would you want that in your new custom Florida home?

We at ICI Homes think most of us don’t. Although to be clear, there’s nothing wrong with an all-white kitchen warmed with textured countertops, cabinet pulls, or an imaginative backsplash and signature lighting. That look’s an enduring classic for a reason.

Think, however, beyond the standard. Here’s how to create interesting kitchens.

That color thing

Let’s just start here.

Neutral colors such as white provide a soothing, harmonious backdrop that — again — is timeless on kitchen walls and/or cabinetry. For example, you won’t go wrong if you and your household prefer white, tan, vanilla, gray or very light pastels as your everyday backgrounds.

Most of us live busy, distracted lives and those quiet interior colors provide a visual refuge. If that’s you, stick with your comfort zone, but consider a warmer hue of the classic white or

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