A second North Korean missile test flew over the northern part of Japan on Thursday. (WSYX/WTTE)


For the second time in a month, people in Japan woke to the sound of sirens warning them to take cover from missiles launched from North Korea.

One woman who grew up in Florida, but has been living in Japan for about 15 years described the state of mind right now in Japan.

Delaina Miyazaki said for her family and community, the concern isn’t necessarily what North Korea or other countries are planning, but rather the worry is that there could be an accident with big consequences.

“I would rather stay home, write music, instead of send the kids off to school,” said Miyazaki, “keep my babies close.”

Miyazaki teaches and even records announcements for Japanese railways and bus lines. The missile situation with North Korea has even creeped into that job.

“It got very real a couple months ago, when they added a new script including missile warnings for the list of things earthquakes, tsunamis, and now missile attacks,” she said.

She talked just hours after a North Korean missile soared over their home, setting of alarms across Japan.

“That was really intense to get that sudden warning that a missile had suddenly been launched directly overhead and then this morning we had another one about seven in the morning and the sad thing was it wasn’t shocking,” said Miyazaki.

Just one hour after the missile flew past their home, she and her husband had to send the kids off to school. The mom paused to talk with her fourth grade son.


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