GAINESVILLE, Fla. — By signing with an agent, suspended wide receiver Antonio Callaway made it official this week that he won’t play another game at Florida.

As for securing an opportunity in the NFL, he’ll now try to maximize these next few months with regard to both training and repairing his image after a series of off-the-field issues with the Gators.

To help both causes, Callaway is set to move to Atlanta on Monday and live with agent Mel Bratton, a running back for the Miami Hurricanes in the late 1980s who also formerly worked as a pro talent evaluator with the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins and St. Louis Rams.

“I told him how it’s going to be. I live in Atlanta, Georgia. He’s going to train up here in Atlanta. Actually, he’s moving in with me and my family and he’ll be here training the whole entire time,” Bratton told SEC Country. “It’s just a male bonding thing as far as me being from where he’s from. I’m from the city, I’m from the hood. I’ve been there and know temptation and certain things are going to happen.”

Bratton said a close friend who has known Callaway since he was a 6-7 years old reached out to him a few weeks ago, so he flew to Miami to meet with the wide receiver and his family.

“I take the kids that match my personality. … I don’t chase everybody like that. They’ve got to fit me,” Bratton said. “… He was really hurt by all the stuff that [happened]. He never got into any kind of nothing in high school and he got to Florida and had these few bumps in the road, I should say, but overall he’s a good kid. When I met

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