Matt Zobel (left), Devonta Freeman (center) and business partner Cody Popkin (right) have been working closely together since their days at Florida State.(Photo: Courtesy)

The opportunity to work alongside and represent NFL players doesn’t come too frequently for individuals who are just a year removed from college. Yet for Florida State alum Matt Zobel, that opportunity presented itself and cultivated into a full-time career in what is one of the most competitive and electrifying industries to get involved with: athlete representation and marketing.

Prior to attending FSU, Zobel was set to major in sport management. However, with the limitations brought forth by attaining this degree, the Fort Lauderdale, FL. native ultimately sought a business management degree and picked up sport management as a secondary major. 

“I had read that if you become a sport management major and don’t find your niche, you could end up being a middle school gym teacher,” Zobel says. “That really scared me, so the route I took was getting a business management degree and focusing on sports by double majoring in sport management.”

Matt Zobel (right) along with a few coworkers and Denver Broncos cornerback Bradley Roby. (Photo: Courtesy)

By his freshman year, Zobel was interning for Florida State’s sports information department. The lasting opportunity provided Zobel with a greater insight behind the operation of a big-time college program. Working closely with each teams’ sports information directors, Zobel managed social media accounts, worked in the offices and helped develop statistic sheets following every game. 

“Sports info was my big break into sports at a young age,” Zobel says. “They showed me what it was truly like to work in sports and I learned all the basics by working there.”

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