Former Miss Virginia Comes Back to Life After Being Pronounced Dead From Coronavirus Complications

A former pageant queen is miraculously getting a second chance at life.

Barbara Guthrie Lay, crowned Miss Virginia in 1958, was pronounced dead by hospital staff on Dec. 22 after battling the coronavirus but minutes later was found to have a pulse again, according to local news channel WSET

The 82-year-old resident of Roswell, Ga., who had been admitted to the hospital two days prior with trouble breathing, has since been moved from the ICU to a regular hospital room amid her continued recovery.

“As a physician, I will say without hesitation there is only one word for what has happened over the past week—a miracle,” her son Thom Kelley told the Martinsville Bulletin

Tony Lay, her husband of six years, had already begun calling friends and family to let them know she had passed away when he received the unbelievable news.

“I was overjoyed and tearful again,” Tony said. “I went from being miserable and brokenhearted to overjoyed.”

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