Former ‘Unexpected’ Star Ethan Ybarra Arrested After Allegedly Attempting to Steal a Tip Jar From a Marijuana … – The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

From baby daddy to burglar…

Former Unexpected star Ethan Ybarra was reportedly arrested last month after attempting to steal a tip jar from a marijuana dispensary. 

Fans of ‘Unexpected’ may remember Ethan appearing on Season 4 of the TLC reality series with then-girlfriend Myrka Cantu, with whom he shares daughter Attalie. 

Since appearing on ‘Unexpected,’ Ethan has fathered at least one more child, relocated to California and is running a business called AtoZ Consulting. According to Starcasm, as of last month, the former TLC star also became well acquainted with the local jail. 

Jail records obtained by the site state that Ethan was arrested in Modesto, California, back in April and charged with robbery and battery after reportedly attempting to steal a tip jar from a marijuana dispensary. (The police report states that the “weapon” Ethan used in the robbery, which earned him the battery charge, was his hands.)

The tip-jar thievery reportedly occurred April 6 around 7 p.m., at which point police were notified that a robbery was in progress; Ethan was arrested less than two miles from the marijuana dispensary approximately an hour later.

“I guess you could say my plan went up in smoke.”


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