From Cheetah Girl to Emmy Winner: Adrienne Bailon Shares the Playbook for Creating Her Own Fairytale

Instead, they were friends first, having met on Bailon’s 2013 movie, I’m in Love with a Church Girl, a film that Houghton produced. She even helped set him up on dates with her own friends before realizing, perhaps, she was more into him than they were. Plus, there was the musical connection. “He started singing these songs that I grew up singing in my church, literally like songs that I swear, nobody knows,” she recalled to E! News. “He’s like, ‘I’ve grown up singing these songs since I was a kid.’ And in that moment, I was like, Oh my gosh, this is somebody that actually gets me and understands me and will know me…I was like, oh, this is my soulmate. I get it. We’ve known each other for a lifetime—we just didn’t even know it.”

Houghton was all in as well. Despite previously swearing off marriage, he got down on one knee mid-boat ride as they cruised in front of the Eiffel Tower in August 2016. “I’ve taken a giant leap of faith in asking her to share life with me forever and to give me a shot at getting it right this time,” he announced to fans in an Instagram post. “She

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