From the archives — A former NFL player trains war vets back from the brink

In September 2011, Kevin Trimble, an Army veteran, lost three limbs after being wounded in Afghanistan. He was 19 years old. 

8:38 AM ET

Anna-Katherine Clemmons

In honor of Veterans Day, we revisit this story on wounded warriors who found hope in the gym with former NFL player David Vobora as their trainer and inspiration. This story originally posted on Nov. 11, 2016.

They form a loose circle, some sitting in wheelchairs, others in folding chairs, with their prosthetic legs or arms stretched out in front. A few, with their prosthetics removed, rest on their stumps on the floor. Others stand, holding crutches or leaning on gym equipment. A quadruple amputee sits next to a triple amputee. A car crash survivor with no legs sits beside a veteran with one arm and one leg. Two quadriplegics confer with a single-leg amputee.

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They’re all here, at OakFit gym on a rundown street outside of Dallas’ downtown, to work with the man in the center of the circle. David Vobora stands on a wooden block, bouncing up and down to the beat of his constant energy, and addresses the group. It’s the start of Week

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