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FSU coach Willie Taggart

AMELIA ISLAND, Fla. — Florida State coach Willie Taggart is in favor of college football players receiving compensation…after they graduate.

It’s a fairly unorthodox idea, although the reasoning is sensible. Taggart’s vision is to have a trust fund of sorts ready for those players who graduate. It’s an incentive-based idea that simultaneously benefits players and the football program.

“It really bothers me, we always talk about paying players, we all know as adults when they need it the most is when they graduate,” Taggart said at the ACC Spring Meetings in Amelia Island on Tuesday. “When they’re getting ready to start their life, that’s when kids need it the most. They don’t need it when they’re in school.

“Not everybody goes to the NFL. Not everybody gets jobs, so to have a little fund to start their life out is the best thing for them, but I think they need to graduate in order to get that fund. That solves a lot of issues. Graduation, I guarantee that would entice a lot of guys to graduate and you could probably eliminate APR after that.”

The NCAA, in 2016, allowed college athletes to receive funds built in to their scholarships to cover the “cost of attendance.” Per the Associated Press, athletes could make between $1,500 to $6,000 depending on the school. Taking that a step further, there are advocates who believe football players deserve to be paid since the sport generates billions of dollars annually.

Instead of paying players while they’re in college — when scholarships and built-in support systems take care of most athletes’ basic needs — Taggart thinks it makes sense for the compensation to come at the end of career.

“Once they get out of school and no one takes care of them, that’s when most

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