You’ve certainly heard us say it several times: unless you’re in the College Football Playoff, bowl games are largely meaningless. You’re not winning a conference or national title, and pro scouts typically already have all the film they need to make evaluations.

That said, they’re a tradition, they give us something to watch over the holiday season, and I’m not in the business of complaining about more football. And that extra game can also determine whether or not teams finish with a winning or losing record, as was the case with Florida State this season.

The Seminoles entered the Independence Bowl against Southern Miss with a 6-6 record, needing and getting a W to close with a winning record for the 41st consecutive season, the longest active streak in the country. That’s an insane accomplishment, as it reflects how even when the ’Noles have been somewhat down, they’ve never fallen off completely. There’s no 4-8 season in there.

And the all-time record for consecutive winning campaigns is within reach, too. Penn State set that bar with 49 in a row, but that run came to an end in 1988.