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FSU fans were hoping Florida would keep Jim McElwain as their head coach for a while, and now their hopes have become reality.

Remember how Jim McElwain came up as a potential candidate for the Oregon job last year and we gave you three reasons why you should hope he stays there for a long time?

Well, it looks like our Florida rivals have done the ‘Noles a huge favor on the gridiron by giving Jim McElwain a SIX year contract extension!

Of course the response from FSU fans was joy and bliss as they celebrated the news via social media.

However, the same can’t be said for Florida Gator fans who are growing in frustration. We visited Florida’s247 forum to see how they were feeling:

We’ve locked in @CoachMcElwain and @MikeWhiteUF for 6 more years! Read about their contract extension. #GoGators https://t.co/93kZqaODgA

— Florida Gators (@FloridaGators) June 16, 2017

Florida fans

Oh boy, this is gonna go over about as well as a poopie flavored Popsicle around here…. For McElwain

Welp. So much for holding out hope that we’d have a new staff any time soon.

Where’s the bonus for signing safeties? That completely undermines my current theory.

Not unusual, Muschump got a fat raise after his best season.

i don’t think it is as much beef with mcelwain in this instance, rather that we put ourselves in a muschamp-ish situation wherein we extended a coach who hasn’t really proven a lot. why not wait and see what happens in 2017? i mean we are talking

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