Gary Farmer wants state investigation into whether Donald Trump incited ‘insurrection’

Senate Democratic Leader Gary Farmer wants state officials to investigate whether Donald Trump is guilty of “inciting insurrection” after Wednesday’s Capitol riot.

Farmer argues that because Trump is now a Florida resident, his decision to urge protesters to gather in D.C. could open him up to violations of Florida law.

“Through his organization of and participation in this week’s insurrection, Donald Trump advocated for the sabotaging and hindering of Vice President [Mike] Pence and Congress’ ability to carry out the laws of our nation as set forth by the U.S. Constitution and federal statutes,” Farmer wrote in a letter to Attorney General Ashley Moody.

Trump repeatedly lied about the election being stolen from him before calling for a “wild” rally on Wednesday. While speaking at the rally, Trump urged supporters to march to the Capitol. Once there, a portion of the crowd stormed the Capital, breaching and defacing the building while temporarily halting the Electoral College vote count.

While Trump did not explicitly call for violence or trespassing, Farmer argues Trump’s words could open him up to Florida’s criminal anarchy statute, which opens anyone up to a second degree felony who “advocates, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, or propriety

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