TCU head football coach Gary Patterson recently joined “Cowlishaw and Dennis” on 103.3 FM ESPN to talk about the Horned Frogs’ season, bowl win and the College Football Playoff. Here are some highlights:

Do you believe the SEC deserved to have two teams in this year’s College Football Playoff final?

Patterson: “Well, yeah, because they won their ballgames. I mean, they had to win double overtime — Georgia did to get there. I think the question is whether Alabama should be in. But they did get in. You’re looking at the reason why I think we, someday — and I said that after the first year we… in 2014, it’s so close and some people get left out. I think we need to go to a six- or eight-team playoff. You’re adding one ballgame — just because you give everybody the opportunity who’s really good. Anybody at anytime has the chance of beating somebody. 

“That’s why everybody likes the 64-team basketball tournament. How many people wonder, ‘Who’s the Cinderella this year?’ And that’s who everybody’s rooting for besides your alma mater.

“The team’s who lose early, they still end up going to a bowl game. Because that’s what really happens with the conference championship games. That’s a whole different story for me, just because you know, we have to have it but it probably costs us a different bowl. Even though we loved the Alamo Bowl and playing Stanford was a great opponent.

“You need to look at all the pluses and minuses, but I think more and more, you can probably find six or eight teams that on any given day could beat anybody. Sometimes it’s very obvious who the top two teams are, but it’d be interesting to find out how it’d all work.”

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