Gator Tales 250: AD Scott Stricklin One-on-One

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Reaching a milestone presents an opportunity for reflection, and while we won’t go all the way back to our beginnings in 2015 to mark our 250th episode, we will use it to take a big-picture view of how the Gators and college athletics in general have gotten through what is hopefully the tougher times of COVID.  
In a wide-ranging conversation with host Adam Schick, Gators athletic director Scott Stricklin discusses how college football completed a season despite unprecedented challenges (1:35), College Football Playoff reform (5:41), the state of the football program (12:34), guiding basketball through the Keyontae Johnson scare (17:32), the opening of the new baseball stadium (21:58), the progress on the new football facility (23:50) and his latest pop culture picks and recommendations (31:55).
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