KANSAS CITY | At the midway point of the 2016 season, the only thing the Jaguars’ fan base has to be excited about is NFL commissioner Roger Goodell stepping up to a podium in five months and saying, “With the fifth pick in the 2017 draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars select… .”

Seriously, what else is there? I mean, EverBank Field has pretty much maxed out on swimming pools and upgraded stadium amenities. So it’s up to the local NFL team to provide some kind of emotional lift on the field to keep the black and teal faithful energized.

Yeah, good luck with that because the Jaguars remain as clueless as the Cleveland Browns on how to succeed when it matters most — on Sunday, along with an occasional Thursday night.

What the Jaguars are superbly proficient at is taking fans on a journey of despair, heartbreak and false hope. In that respect, they’re a budding dynasty.

It’s the only logical explanation for how this underachieving franchise can’t stop inventing ways to lose. That was on full display Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium when the Jaguars literally gift-wrapped a 19-14 victory for the Kansas City Chiefs. The only thing missing was quarterback Blake Bortles dressing up as Santa Claus and turnover-prone teammates tagging along as elves.

“We couldn’t get out of our own way,” said tight end Marcedes Lewis. “It was crazy because each time something bad happened [with a turnover], nobody lost faith on the sideline, But then it’d happen again. You can’t expect to win doing that.”

This is what has become this team’s modus operandi under lame-duck-coach-in-waiting Gus Bradley over 56 games. Either the Jaguars are getting blown out or torturing themselves by losing games in which they’re on the verge of winning, then fail to close the deal.

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