Get Paid to Smoke Joints: Pioneering Cannabis Study Seeks Participants to Advance Smoking Standards

Ever wonder what makes a perfect puff?

As cannabis culture evolves, enthusiasts and experts alike are delving deeper into what truly enhances the smoking experience.

For decades, the cannabis industry has primarily focused its research efforts on maximizing crop yields and cannabinoid concentrations. However, a pioneering new study aims to shift that focus towards an often-overlooked aspect of the consumer experience – the art of smokeability.

Optimizing the Smoker’s Experience

Spearheaded by leading industry names DaySavers and Custom Cones USA, in collaboration with the Cannabis Research Coalition and the Network of Applied Pharmacognosy, “The Science of Smokeability” (SOS) promises to revolutionize our understanding of cultivation practices and their impact on the quality of the final smoking product.

At its core, the SOS study seeks to establish a direct link between various cultivation and processing variables, and their effect on the overall smoking experience.

By analyzing factors such as mineral content, nutrient levels, potential carcinogens, moisture content, ash composition, and smoke quality, the researchers aim to uncover the optimal conditions for producing a superior, more enjoyable smoke.

Custom Cones USA will also be conducting an innovative experiment focused on infused pre-rolls – one of the fastest rising categories in the pre-roll

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