Getting all you pay for? Latest Agriculture Department inspection checking Florida prices

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has completed a Thanksgiving inspection sweep of food store shelves to see if consumers are getting all that they’re paying for, Commissioner Nikki Fried announced Wednesday.

Her department’s “net contents” sweep of more than 11,000 items was run statewide, focusing on Thanksgiving holiday meal items, checking to make sure the net quantities listed on packaging were accurate.

About 5 percent of the inspected packages were found wanting.

“With food prices up and many Floridians’ budgets stretched thin this holiday season, it’s more important than ever that we protect consumers from being shortchanged when purchasing their Thanksgiving meals. As the state’s consumer services agency, we take this responsibility seriously,” Fried, a Democratic candidate for Governor, said in a news release issued Wednesday.

“Our investigators have been hard at work visiting food establishments across the state to verify that the food items families are purchasing ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday are priced accurately and pulling from the shelves those items that don’t make weight,” she said.

Department inspectors randomly selected 11,173 items for testing at 54 locations across the state to ensure accurate net contents, focusing on food items typically found on a consumer’s holiday table, including turkeys,

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