GM: Brewers may have to trim payroll next year

5:25 PM ET

Associated Press

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Brewers general manager David Stearns said Monday that the team might trim payroll in 2021 following three straight postseason trips, due to financial hardships brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Brewers have upped payroll in recent years to build around Christian Yelich, Josh Hader and other promising young players, including a franchise-high $132,645.682 spent in 2019. The club’s payroll as of Aug. 1 was $40,693,637 for this 60-game season — an equivalent of roughly $110 million over a full season.

Stearns is unsure whether the Brewers can maintain the 2020 payroll, which ranked 24th in the majors.

“I think budgets are tighter everywhere right now, for most businesses,” Stearns said. “You know, over the last two years we’ve run the two highest payrolls in the history of this organization. And I think it’s uncertain at this point, as we look forward, whether our payroll next year would be at that same level.”

Cash isn’t the only issue. Stearns said this year’s abbreviated schedule is making it more difficult to evaluate his roster as he tries to make offseason improvements. The uncertainty surrounding next season creates additional challenges.


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