GM: KD, Kyrie committed to jelling with Harden

2:44 PM ET

NEW YORK — Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks said Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have “conviction” about the direction of the team in the wake of the trade to land James Harden and are prepared to make the necessary on-court sacrifices.

Marks said he consulted the franchise’s stars as the Nets began to move swiftly toward a trade for Harden on Wednesday.

“[I was] getting their thoughts and really wanting to hear what their commitment was going to be, what their conviction was,” Marks said in a news conference Thursday. “I enjoyed hearing that conviction, and we’ve got some time to see how it translates on the court.”

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Harden, who is scheduled to arrive in New York on Thursday, will be eligible to play once he and all the other players involved in the multiteam deal have undergone a physical examination. Once Harden is cleared, the focus turns to how the Nets’ new Big Three will jell on the court and how their supersized personalities will mesh off of it. Marks said that he didn’t have to broach the subject of touches and making it work on the floor with Harden, Durant

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