Go high on the Mets, low on the Padres and other sure things in MLB over/unders

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When my little brother was at the very end of his teenage years, he stepped over the Vermont moat and joined me for spring training in Arizona. Eventually we made our way to Las Vegas for some exhibition games. As we drove down The Strip for the first time, bathed in its bright, flashing lights, he spoke of the place with awe, with reverence, predicting many future trips to the casinos.

An hour later, he was slumped in front of a slot machine, his $200 allotment for the trip completely drained. I laughed without a shred of empathy, pointed at all the neon and asked, in so many words, “Sherlock, who do you think pays for all of that? You do!”

In other words: Always respect the folks who set the odds.

But every year, when the over/unders on baseball team win totals come out, I like to peruse and identify perceived soft spots.

Here’s what I see in the William Hill set of over/unders:

Run — I mean, sprint — to take the over on the Cleveland over/under of 81 wins.

For fans of the franchise, there is great frustration with the annual rite

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