Gov. Ron DeSantis says Florida is ‘more inclined’ to vote for Donald Trump in 2020

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Sunday made his case for President Donald Trump and described Florida as a state ripe to re-elect him.

“I think the President is facing an electorate that is more inclined to vote for him in 2020 than the one that he successfully convinced to vote for him in 2016,” DeSantis said.

Among other points, the Governor cited voter registration figures to support his claim. He told Levin that Trump in 2016 won Florida despite Democrats having 350,000 more registered voters. By Election Day 2020, however, DeSantis estimated that the difference may hover near 150,000.

“It will be the closest Republicans have ever been to Democrats in Florida in the history of the state,” he said.

The Governor credited the 2020 Republican influx, in part, to swell of people who’ve moved to Florida in search of “greener pastures.”

“We see people who are fed up with high taxes in places like Illinois or the Northeast and they come down,” he said. “I do think that many of them are registering as Republicans because I think they understand that we’ve had laboratories of democracies in this country with the states doing different approaches,

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