CLEARWATER, FL (WFLA) — Sheila DeSantos has finally decided to downsize, but the 80 year old has not decided to give up driving yet.

Her new home is a cottage, complete with a sitting room, pullman kitchen, master bedroom, and bathroom with a walk-in closet, all tucked in to 388 square feet of living space. A covered porch adds on some extra space. Her view is her son’s yard!

Sheila’s cottage was built in her family’s back yard, near her family, but not with her family.

“My husband had passed away, and I lived 24 years by myself. I was used to things a certain way, shall we say,” says Sheila, with a smile.

General Contractor Henry Moseley, who has more than 40 years of building experience and is the owner of Goldsborough Construction, founded Home Care Suites with his son, building what they refer to as “Granny Cottages.” The idea was developed after a client’s pool house was converted into a living space for an elderly parent who needed some extra attention. The Moseleys conducted more research, and say that the concept of an “accessory dwelling unit” is quite popular abroad. In Europe, and Australia, these units are very common and they are referred to as Granny Flats or Granny Pods.

Moseley says the aging-in-place concept is for those looking for alternatives to retirement communities or assisted-living facilities.

“These cottages allow seniors or baby boomers to be close to their children so they can get assistance however they need it, when they need it, but also allows them to live independently really close by,” Moseley says.

The homes, which range from approximately 256- to 585-square-feet of living space, are ADA compliant, and wired for home technology for health monitoring and emergency response. Because of restrictions of the DeSantos’ neighborhood, Sheila’s cottage needed to be tied