Gritty South Florida Sun-Sentinel Earned Every Inch of Its Pulitzer

Pure emotion: The newsroom, as the announcement is made

Journalists and writers are a curious lot, with relationships between publications and outlets ranging from collegial to confrontational. Personalities and competition frequently bring out contention, but sometimes a story is just so important, and a community just so affected, that all you can do is stand and applaud those who accomplish. 

Last year the South Florida Sun-Sentinel did more than good work — it was needed work, and the newspaper has earned journalism’s top and most coveted honor as a result: The Pulitzer Prize.

Annually, the Columbia University School of Journalism hands out honors for specific meritorious media work, via the Pulitzer. With a variety of categories honoring reporting and writing, the Gold Medal for Public Service is considered the top prize, granted to a news organization for work over the prior year. The Sun-Sentinel received the Gold Medal for its yearlong coverage of the Parkland high school shooting, and for the various bizarre and disturbing storylines that occurred in the aftermath.

In addition, the Eagle Eye staff, the reporters of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School newspaper, won a special mention for their “momentous” achievement for student journalism. “These budding

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