GrowHealthy Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Bonita Springs

25987 S. Tamiami Trail, Unit 110
Bonita Springs, FL 34134

Hours of Operation:


Payment Methods:

Cash Only
ATM Available On Site

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Bonita Springs Dispensary - Open

A GrowHealthy Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at 25987 S. Tamiami Trail in Bonita Springs, FL is now open to serve. Grow Healthy is a licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, or MMTC for short. This cannabis store in Bonita is able to service Naples, Estero, Orange Tree and throughout Lee County.

Grow Healthy dispensary menu products include CBD and THC products to help Florida MedCard patients registered on the Medial Marijuana Use Registry. These come in a variety of marijuana menu products including FlowerCBD Oils, Concentrates, Oral Syringes, TincturesTHC Oils, Vape Cartridges and Vaporizers.

Not a patient yet, see if you qualify today!

GrowHealthy Products

GrowHealthy Marijuana Deliveries RX

The delivery of GrowHealthy medical cannabis RX products are available to your front door in Bonita Springs, Naples, Estero, Orange Tree and Lee County in general.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering over the phone or online. Their Mind Sativa, Body Indica, Balance 1:1 and High CBD menu products are in stock.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery. Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!


What People Are Saying

Anthony Remo
Anthony R.
23:58 20 Oct 21
Giving growhealthy 1 star because i made a order yesterday called to have it holded it over since it was made at 6:45 pm oct19 called in today at 10:06am Oct 20 to make sure My order was there it was confirmed everything was there. And she told me yes and I assured her that I be coming before end of today to get my order now I call in just to check in and one of your staff decided to void my order.... basically pick threw my bag to get a pine key flower so unprofessional as a business owner I made sure my Communications with your business was solid and this is what happens... and this not the first time this has happened either way I'm so angry both times from bonita springs location. Growhealthy please contact me this crazy cause I had 2 orders and they decided to pick a flower out of my one of my orders. Spoked the manager Adam he said personally he is gonna hold what's left of my more
23:28 18 Oct 21
Everyone is always very friendly and knowledgeable.My favorite❤️Thank you..
Dyllan Miller
Dyllan M.
18:50 15 Oct 21
Great product and staff. My favorite dispensary right now.
Lance Norris
Lance N.
14:16 13 Oct 21
Pretty good place. I don’t have much to say. The cannabis is the median.
Not a Solicitation
Not a S.
01:42 21 Aug 21
Compared to other local dispensaries, my experiences have been that Grow Healthy needs to educate their staff on customer service. They are slow, making customers sit in the lobby while they are busy talking among themselves instead of worrying about working efficiently for the customer. Their product is good, however on the expensive side considering ample competition along the Estero/Bonita Green Mile. All and all after giving Grow Healthy several chances, the local completion has better customer service,, better sales and much better discounts and point systems. In my opinion Grow Healthy, needs to step up their game, at least on the local more
Nicole Vento Limoge
Nicole Vento L.
19:55 06 Aug 21
Had a great interaction with Al this morning! Super friendly and helpful and this place has quality flower products! Additionally I placed my order late yesterday and realized I couldn’t make it in time, so I added special instruction to hold for today and they had it all ready for me. I would highly recommend this location!read more
Matt Clifton
Matt C.
01:52 28 Jul 21
REALLY Terrible service . Kat and Steph like to bully. very rude and disrespectful service. We made a comprehensive complaint to customer service. And I wrote a detailed explanation of why but what do you know, it was deleted. Bogus!read more
Matt Clifton
Matt C.
22:45 23 Jul 21
REALLY Terrible service . Kat and Steph like to bully. very rude and disrespectful service. We made a comprehensive complaint to customerread more
David Pimentel
David P.
14:08 06 Jul 21
Terrible customer service. My store is Cape Coral. Nice, knowledgeable people. Bonita, meh! Almost everybody I’ve worked with is patronizing and rude. Today I came in with my wife. I didn’t ask to go back with her but still this super rude girl loudly tells me that “only the patient can go back”, which is fine but I AM a patient and I was not asking to go back. Entitled, super rude. Beautiful place with great products… rude peopleread more
James Brattain
James B.
18:02 21 Jun 21
Their mask policy is discriminative and they aren't very nice about it. They are the only dispensary still up tight about masks. Product is good though. I won't go back to this placeread more
David Tanis
David T.
20:17 14 Jun 21
Best dispensary out there. Especially for veterans (30% off). Staff is always very friendly. The only time ive had any issues, they went above and beyond to more
Conner Bishop
Conner B.
23:59 20 May 21
Love the hospitality. Love the product. All around great places. I shop here and That’s it. GrowHealthy prices are more
Bruce Baker
Bruce B.
15:30 08 May 21
The best flower in town. Great dispensary and free deliveries. I just wish they had more variety of strains. Otherwise great!!read more
Ryan Wolfson
Ryan W.
14:39 05 May 21
Great products and great staff in their this morning. Defiantly recommend their Flower
Florida Sailor
Florida S.
20:35 20 Apr 21
Quality product and excellent customer service. I have always found them to be friendly and helpful. I'm a senior veteran who's always been treated with respect. They are my number one more
Jessica Leiti
Jessica L.
10:03 18 Apr 21
Nice customer service! Very personable, and honest.and yes the weed is dank, but I prefer the rso.
Samantha Hunter
Samantha H.
15:05 27 Mar 21
I like the fact that they stay open later than other places which is a convenient for people who get paid late in the evening or get off work more
Sean C
Sean C
18:02 16 Mar 21
Grow healthy has the best flower in town. High quality medicine served by a professional and friendly staff. I recommend this dispensary to more
owen hardin
owen H.
17:14 08 Mar 21
ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE I have been spending the last 30 minutes trying to order 2 Wookie girl 1/2 ounces. Had the website take it out of my cart 3 times every time I try to place a order it told me I needed to contact the patient call center when I called them no one would answer the phone I was sitting there for another 20+ minutes and now I’m told their all out of stock and I don’t get anything?? You should really take a look at fixing your website and having people answer more
John Brown
John B.
07:01 25 Feb 21
Great staff they seem friendly to me and love the products the flower is amazing I absolutely love the brick house and strawberry Haze 😍🤗read more
Ms B
Ms B
06:12 31 Jan 21
Used to be a lot of good workers here. They must have all left. Lots of rude workers. especially the store manager. Also noticed as of recent there are no people of color working here? White more
Sherri Lee
Sherri L.
02:01 10 Jan 21
Last minute order out of town for Dinner, an Grow Healthy Helped me out. Awesome Atmosphere, Very Friendly. Clean Atmosphere Easy Pickup. Couldn't asked for it any better way. Thank you so much at the Last Minute. Y'all Rock!read more
Neil Alderman
Neil A.
05:33 08 Jan 21
Really enjoy coming to the Grow Healthy Bonita location. The staff is incredibly friendly and unlike a lot of dispensaries in the area they have a low turnover rate so you’re often seeing a lot of the same friendly faces. They consistently offer great whole flower and their Master Grow series is incredible. Highly recommend to any and all more
Brian Ferreira
Brian F.
22:30 09 Dec 20
My favorite dispensary. Found some help specifically for my condition. The team and products have been the best I have found. I enjoy the friendly environment in the Bonita Store. Alex has been very knowledgeable and compassionate great employee. Al the manager is on point and its really is nice to have people remember you make you feel welcomedread more
Enida Santana
Enida S.
16:45 05 Dec 20
Love the staff! The ladies are adorable! So sweet and very kind made me feel like a patient, they treated me with much more
Mary Stopper
Mary S.
17:33 23 Nov 20
The ENTIRE STAFF are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. It was my first time purchasing product and Al was so great helping me. I'll be a repeat customer for sure. Thanks y'allread more
Ron Chaney
Ron C.
02:01 20 Nov 20
Tried this place for the first time and last time. The girl (Cat) I dealt with has no idea about customer service. I am 100% disabled Veteran. I can not wear a tight mask she then told me I had too. I explained to her the reason I could not was that I was in the tunnels of Vietnam. She told me I was scaring her I had to leave . Told me a second time I had to leave. Felt like I was in a socialist place. She then kept my Id I had to have my wife drive back down to get it. I will never go back to this place I would never recommend any veteran go to GrowHealthy . No respect for those who fought for their freedom. I will go to Liberty and Fluent they know how to treat veterans and all their customers with more
Jokbgjm Reed
Jokbgjm R.
21:22 18 Nov 20
Very poor customer service I came into this location to pick up my order which wasn’t even placed by the Receptionist when I called and made the order. And then when I got to the Bonita Springs location the store manager Kathleen was very rude and I did not have a mask and I asked if I could have one and they said they ran out of mask which I find unprofessional Given It was only 3pm in the afternoon and I could understand if it was an hour before closing but this was the 2nd time I came mid day and they said they ran out of mask if you are an establishment that requires all of your customers to come in with a mask then you should have mask available 24 7 After I asked if I can just go outside and they could if they could bring their order out to me Curbside Kathleen was being very unreasonable and threatened to cancel my order and not give me my order that I placed That is very bad customer service and I need the cooperate office number because Kathleen needs to be retrained or hire someone who’s going to be nice and understanding and have mask available for those who forget more
Richard Selover
Richard S.
03:36 08 Nov 20
I absolutely love this dispensary. I found out about it on Leafly and drove an hour to get there from my house just because the buds are always terrific size and so frosty and the melting point extracts concentrate live rosin is so fire it's got me wrecked! They have very great deals and even better deals for those who are visiting for the first and second time. I highly recommend this dispensary it is A plus in my more
Jennifer Williamson
Jennifer W.
18:58 19 Oct 20
The staff are always very helpful and polite. Great products. I love this place
17:52 18 Oct 20
I ordered online and it was a very fast process. My order was ready in under 30 minutes. Daisha at the reception desk was helpful, as was Jordan, the person who checked my order out. Very inviting atmosphere. I will be returning for my 2nd purchase discount ($75 off $150). Thank you for helping me out today!read more
Nolan Long
Nolan L.
14:15 14 Oct 20
BY FAR THE BEST QUALITY IVE FOUND. I love how quick they are and how helpful they are in assisting you in picking out whats best for youread more
Joshua Vanderschouw
Joshua V.
03:54 04 Oct 20
The manager here is incompetent if you place an order Over the phone it should be placed. If staff made a mistake and didn't place the order it should not fall onto the patient's fault. To blame somebody else for their wrongdoing is a horrible excuse of being a manager I will no longer go to this location until I know I am safe to not waste my gas money or time coming to somewhere to have my prescription for filled. Do not go here at last moment because they will not work with you even if you go out of your way to schedule a time to pick up your medicationread more
Jonathon B
Jonathon B
02:34 23 Sep 20
Flower is great here for people that like high THC and dank looking nugs. I drive all the way from lehigh for growhealthy. Pick up order system is great. Only complaint would be on all their other products(oils,vapes,etc)... over priced and NOT good. But if you want flower you gotta hit this place up, AT LEAST for the first patient discount!!!read more
Keith Brown
Keith B.
18:58 19 Sep 20
Great dispensary, I've been to many.Friendly and knowledgeable staff.Great products. Consistently the best flower in Southwest Florida. I return often and would highly recommend GrowHealthy to my family and more
Ron Senft
Ron S.
01:06 14 Sep 20
Jordan was cool, very personable, she knew her stuff🤙🏼
Somer Platt
Somer P.
01:03 29 Aug 20
This is my second time visiting this location and by far they have been the best always super friendly and quick. Today was a tough day and I barely made it before they closed I spoke to kera (not sure if im spelling it correct) Alex and Jordan and they were soooo amazing. Never been treated sooo well before. Got what I needed quick and easy! Their product is always on great. I really Im so happy and impressed with how great these workers were If i can leave more of a review I would Im hoping management sees this and gives them recognition as they should be lucky to have such amazing people. Thank you again!read more
Charles Simms
Charles S.
00:20 22 Aug 20
Had a wonderful experience here staff is super friendly and helpful,thank you Dasia.
Danette R
Danette R
12:43 20 Aug 20
I love this place! Staff is really knowledgeable and they have some great products. Flower has been really top notch and GrowHealthy extends the military discount to the spouses! Thank you! Has quickly moved to my favorite dispensary. Libby is fantastic with customer service and overall is a delight a work more
Keith Brown
Keith B.
22:11 09 Aug 20
Great dispensary, I've been to many. Frendly and knowledgeable staff. Great products. Consistently the best flower in Southwest Florida. I return often and would highly recommend GrowHealthy to my family and more
Callie Joe
Callie J.
21:04 08 Aug 20
Very friendly and informative staff who helped me understand what I was purchasing. Honestly chill vibes all around and the menu is displayed so you know what they have there super more
23:41 06 Aug 20
I have to say last year their flower was subpar at best but currently it is tied with One Plant for best flower. Their distillate has always been the best in my opinion. Great staff as well and nice ambiance in waiting room with music and more
David Spangenthal
David S.
15:35 05 Aug 20
I've tried flower at every dispensary in Bonita springs and Fort Myers. Thank goodness for Grow Healthy. As far as I'm concerned noone else sells any bud close to their quality.Thank you folks!!!!That being said I wish they would lower their prices a more
Heather Carrington
Heather C.
03:40 30 Jul 20
Very helpful and friendly, store wasn't very busy, looking forward to trying a new strain. Thank u.
Cory Williams
Cory W.
19:54 02 Jul 20
Grow healthy has some awesome flower products, their staff is super friendly and knowledgeable with online ordering they get you in and out quickly. Highly recommend more
Christina Burchett
Christina B.
22:43 10 Jun 20
Always a great experience. The staff treats everyone so nicely and the products are as advertised.
Danette R
Danette R
22:20 10 Jun 20
I love this place! Staff is really knowledgeable and they have some great products. Flower has been really top notch and GrowHealthy extends the military discount to the spouces! Thank you! Has quickly moved to my favorite dispensary. Libby is fantastic with customer service and overall is a delight a work more
George M
George M
21:37 10 Jun 20
Great team at Grow healthy!! I use both the Bonita and the Cape locations and both are outstanding.. Would highly recommend to anyone who loves there flower!read more
Jeff Murphy
Jeff M.
16:27 14 May 20
The best quality flower and best distalitte in Florida hands down and that is not just my opinion ...GrowHealthy continues to get closer and closer to taking over Florida which all of us are so happy about because GrowHealthy actually cares about people they serve and they pay their employees great because they genuinely care and they also keep the product as true to the roots as they can GrowHealthy has other concentrates in their lineup trulieve is done for and will be a dwindling ghost town ...please GrowHealthy come out with the dabs many of us really need to get through are days ...thank you to everyone especially in the Bonita area and please someone tell the CEO or whoever that #weneeddabsread more
Joseph Nese
Joseph N.
21:24 10 May 20
Every time I come to the Grow Healthy Dispensary I have a wonderful experience. This time particularly I wanted to make sure to leave a review. With great thanks to an awesome young man named Andy who came to help me. I was welcomed with a positive and relaxed environment. Then the rain came down. This man came out in the rain with the upmost remarkable professionalism to further help me. Continuing to wish me a great day. If that's not dedication, I'm not sure what is.On top of it all, the honesty and integrity. I gave him way too much money and he brought it back out to me. That says alot.Keep up the great work!Thank you for everything Andy!read more
Benji Hiner
Benji H.
23:11 01 May 20
DISCOUNTS BEWARE. Went to pick up my order and was told my discount didn’t apply and now I have to jump through hoops to get it. GO TO LIBERTY RIGHT DOWN THE STREET FOR A BETTER VARIETY AND FAR SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. The manager Alex is cool more
Dee Blodnick
Dee B.
20:11 19 Apr 20
Charlie doesn’t know how to count. My friend placrf his order at 12 pm I placed mine at 11:15am, my order was ready to pick up at 1:48 pm. I’m so confused why my friends order is not ready contingent that we are car pooling. When we asked how long for his order the first time he said 5 orders ahead, but when we called back After 45 minutes he said 14 orders ahead.....? Don’t know how more order got added ahead of my friends. Very disappointed, the service is usually very efficient. Bad job Charlieread more
Laguna Music
Laguna M.
14:17 13 Apr 20
Will update my review after I visit the store but based on my phone call, the guy I talked to was rude has no manners, and sounded like he didn’t want to help me at all even though I explained to him I have to drive there from over an hour away. The phone call only lasted one or two minutes but he was one of the rudest people I’ve ever talked to. They may make quality products but if they put out horrible customer service I’ll be happy to take my business elsewhere and tell all my friends not to go to this more
Nick At Night
Nick At N.
16:28 12 Apr 20
First time purchasing through them. Albiet they dont have a huge selection and since we are in the middle of a world wide pandemic, I ordered and had recieved a text that it was ready within an hour. I purchased an 8th of bubba kush to try, its smoking good so i have zero complaints. Wish they had more to choose from, eventually we will get more
Zach Long
Zach L.
18:53 23 Feb 20
They don't have the biggest selection I've ever seen, but I've seen them start expanding to new products like RSO that they previously did not carry. They do have a fair amount of different products and strains to choose from and I never have any trouble finding something I want. They also have a lot of information on their products which I love, basically anything you could want to know about which ever products you purchase are right on the box and the staff is also very knowledgeable about their own grow healthy more
Garth Schneider
Garth S.
01:32 22 Feb 20
Great experience all around. Staff there is amazing and informative. You only get one first impression and everyone at Grow Healthy should feel proud of their Bonita Springs staff. Now, the product. Equally amazing and all flogrown. That gets five stars.... just more
Alex Lacy
Alex L.
21:12 18 Feb 20
Awesome store, quick to read menus to see what's in stock, best prices on distillate in the county, and Libby has the realest customer service 🙂read more
Stephen Vance
Stephen V.
01:08 05 Feb 20
Best carts on the market!! Can't wait until they step up their concentrate menu!?!
Timothy Ruger
Timothy R.
23:11 30 Jan 20
I stopped by grow healthy today. This is my 5th visit. Everytime I go there, I get great service, and I love the product’s. Libby waited on me. She was very courteous, and she was very helpful helping me to decide, with all the different products they have to more
Sara Ashley
Sara A.
00:40 03 Jan 20
I love this dispensary. Awesome display screen and great product.
Chloe G
Chloe G
02:03 30 Nov 19
The girls who work here are amazing. They're always super chill and friendly but also very knowledgeable and eager to help. Besides excellent customer service, this place has most of my favorite products thus far and seems to be fairly priced in comparison. I would definitely recommend!read more
J. Carroll
J. C.
13:55 15 Oct 19
Andy was great. He was patient with my questions and super helpful in guiding me with the products. I am not aware of different aspects of medical cannibis, and I found his suggestions useful to me, esp with topicals. There was no long wait & everyone was very nice. They made my experience more
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