GrowHealthy Marijuana Dispensary and Delivery in Daytona Beach

2525 W International Speedway Blvd
Suite 200
Daytona Beach, FL 32114

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Daytona Beach Dispensary - Open

A GrowHealthy Medical Marijuana Dispensary located at 2525 W International Speedway Blvd in Daytona Beach, FL 32114 is open. Grow Healthy is a licensed Florida Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, or MMTC for short. This cannabis store in Daytona Beach is here to service Port Orange, Holly Hill, Ormond Beach and throughout Volusia County.

Grow Healthy dispensary menu products in Daytona Beach include CBD and THC products to help Florida MedCard patients registered on the Medial Marijuana Use Registry. These come in a variety of marijuana menu products including FlowerCBD Oils, Concentrates, Oral Syringes, TincturesTHC Oils, Vape Cartridges and Vaporizers.

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GrowHealthy Products

GrowHealthy Marijuana Deliveries RX

The delivery of GrowHealthy medical cannabis RX products are available to your front door in Daytona Beach, Holly Hill, Ormond Beach, Port Orange and Volusia County in general.

Enjoy the convenience of ordering over the phone or online. Their Mind Sativa, Body Indica, Balance 1:1 and High CBD menu products are in stock.

Please call 800.619.5288 to schedule a delivery. Free delivery statewide with no minimum order!


What People Are Saying

Caitlyn Levy
Caitlyn L.
00:02 12 Oct 20
First time in and absolutely loved the flower! I had the pleasure of being paired with Dwight; he was very knowledgeable and had a super personable vibe! I mentioned that I normally get Hybrids, and I was looking at a potent sativa, Dwight mentioned that if affects people with anxiety on occasion and i ended up picking jilly bean for a more relaxed affect, which im loving! Really appreciated him mentioning positive & negative effects! :)Ill 100% be coming back!read more
Rose Laforte
Rose L.
18:01 10 Oct 20
Grow Healthy Daytona Beach 👍👍is awesome!! I’ve never gotten an eigth that weighed under👍 3.5. Their buds are pretty👍. You can ask to see your buds before you pay👍which I think is very cool. Everyone is friendly👍. I definitely recommend👍👍!! Happy smoking!!✌😊💚🔥read more
Bree lee
Bree L.
08:12 30 Sep 20
high quality place to be very friendly very nice especially the young man with dreads the first time i went i was still kind of new he explained everything to me and helped guide me very polite all the staff really helped me find what it was I needed as far as medicine it has changed my life and is the best by far highly recommendread more
Michael Hylton
Michael H.
23:37 29 Sep 20
Picked up an eighth of Emerald City Kush and an eighth of Stardawg. Weighed them both and they are both 1.25 grams light. Buyer beware! I paid for 7 grams. I received 5. Other dispensaries do not rip you off! This was my first and my last visit. The weed is very more
Erich Simard
Erich S.
00:36 20 Sep 20
Little pricey but always a great taste and great quality for flowers
Stephanie Higgins
Stephanie H.
00:05 18 Sep 20
Absolutely live this dispensary. There are no hidden gimmicks like some of the other dispensaries. Their product is top of the lineread more
trey webb
trey W.
20:06 17 Sep 20
Great dispensary, awesome herb. A little pricy but you get what you pay for
18:41 14 Sep 20
Best dispensary in the state by far
papo ruiz
papo R.
16:10 14 Sep 20
22:16 11 Sep 20
Good products TERRIBLE SERVICE. Online ordering is a joke, the woman at front counter was very rude and told me they could not help me today because I did not receive a ready for pick up text. I tried showing her on my phone all the times I’ve put in pick up orders and have NEVER received a ready for pick up text i only get the first confirmation text, I told her I usually have to call or wait till end of day to come in like i did. She shrugged her shoulders and said sorry we can’t help you todayread more
Filimon Guel
Filimon G.
21:12 11 Sep 20
Great customer service, knowledgeable staff and great prices
Al Thomas
Al T.
22:25 10 Sep 20
I placed an order at 11am. I never received any confirmatio.. I go to the dispensary around 6pm where there is a lobby full of walk-in.… I was told that because product was low and I didn’t receive a confirmation email stating that the order was ready, that I was unable to get my order and that walk ons were no longer being accepted… so essentially walk in orders all throughout the day took priority over my 11AM order….. And because of the time I can’t go anywhere else…. more
Stew Nichols
Stew N.
18:47 10 Sep 20
3 visits, all bad. Arguing staff the first time but at least they had product, second visit no flower, preeroll, nothing but carts n out, this time tried to call 8 times for 5 min at a time and finally got a 30 min break to be told it would be an hour and a half wait to be seen… With no offering of a call or any solution… thanks alot for letting me down …read more
Alan Otruba
Alan O.
14:44 02 Sep 20
Haven’t been to grow healthy in a very long time due to my last encounter with them. But this time was amazing and Daniel is a beast! He’s super knowledgeable and helped me learn a bunch about THC %’s and helping me hunt down my favorite terpenes! Love that dude keep on keepin on!read more
Joseph DeCilla
Joseph D.
11:13 22 Aug 20
For the second time I had placed an order for pickup received the text that they had gotten the order and I would be contacted when ready and never received the text. I had to go without medicine. Its a good thing we have a few dispensaries in the are. I will not recommend more
Christy Pope
Christy P.
17:56 18 Aug 20
Don’t try and think by placing an online order, that they will reserve the order for you. They won’t! They are not reliable and this will be my 2nd hassle with them! The order of flower I previously got, was full of stems. This company really should do better. You don’t have these problems with the similar neighboring stores Check your product before you leave if you shop here and don’t think an online order guarantees anything. I’ll only use them in the future as a last more
Allen Knighton
Allen K.
23:22 11 Aug 20
For starters they never gave me my 1st time discount. This 2nd time using them I placed a order within 5 minutes if getting a text saying they were restocked. I drove there shortly after , waited 20 minites to find out they were already sold out and didnt have what I ordered. They never have half the products they sell. I’d recommend checking out 1 of the many other dispensary in the area and steer clear of this more
Delia Ross
Delia R.
16:55 06 Aug 20
An amazing store with fantastic herbs and friendly staff! They offer 30% discount to veterans! 5 stars! Quality medicinal weed! Some of the best flower I’ve ever seen!! Highly recommend!read more
Daniel McDevitt
Daniel M.
16:46 05 Aug 20
Grow Healthy is in my top 3 dispensaries I have ever tried. The only thing that keeps it from being #1 is the lack of concentrates. As far as the flower goes, it is the best around. RSO as well!8/4- Budtender Justin S deserves recognition for his customer service abilities! He was very informative, as well as enthusiastic about his position. To have a budtender who not only knows the menu, as well as being professional and making the experience better for the customer goes a LONG way! Thank you Justin!!read more
jim r
jim r
09:31 20 Jul 20
I was driving a full hour to come here passing 10+ dispensary on the way only to be treated with the worst customer service of any dispensary in the state. I got turned away at the door at 8:41 because they had 5 people waiting after I drove a full hour to get there and they used the excuse “no walk ins after 8:45” despite the fact I had placed my order 6 hours prior and i walked in 4 minutes before their cut off. I immediately called their support line and was told “ya thats the policy sorry” and that was that. I understand they were busy but causing me immense distress to save themselves 5 minutes of time is absolutely unacceptable. Even better, all their customers were completely cleared out by 9:05; i know this because i sat there watching in anger.It’s been 9 days since I reached out to their corporate only to be totally ignored; they ruined 7/10 for me completely and i will not be more
Lovely Smidge
Lovely S.
01:39 20 Jul 20
First off, my budtender, Justin, was cool. He really sold the items I bought and was nice. That being said, almost everything was out of stock. Being from out of town, I can’t visit again soon, but I assume it’d be much better when stocked. The staff was super great more
T Dennis
T D.
01:48 13 Jul 20
Great place.Great flower.Great staff. Clean environment and they practice great social distancing.the lady manger was more
Rj Russo
Rj R.
23:18 11 Jul 20
Extremely upset on how they operate. Big sale yesterday so instead of walking in I made a pick up around 2pm. After several hours of no response I decided to drive up there where the front desk told me it wouldn’t be ready for another two hours. So I went home and waited and waited and called up just before close and was told they couldn’t get to my order that day…EVEN THOUGH THEY TOOK WALK INS ALL DAY! So the next morning I get the text (right when they open, how convenient) so I headed over later in the day and once I got there they told me that half my order was not available!!! After making an online order that was in stock and a full day of walk ins and MY ORDER wasn’t complete. Extremely upset on how they run this store, complained to multiple employees and not ome person even tried to make amends and of course they were sold out of everything else. I will not be returning to any grow healthy locations and I don’t recommend you go either. Plus the prices are too high compared to the more
Ashley Mann
Ashley M.
16:55 08 Jul 20
I made my first order on Monday. I never received a confirmation of the order or time for delivery. then I got a text on Wednesday morning saying that they were 10 minutes away so I call the number that text me. Well it was the rudest delivery driver I have ever spoke to saying that i have 15 minutes to get home he will not wait any longer then 15 minutes. I made it home in 10 minutes and he was not even at my address he was at the wrong address on another street. my delivery finally came and I told my Husband that he shouldn’t have referred me to themread more
Ryan Peters
Ryan P.
13:41 08 Jul 20
Daniel Was a great help, extremely professional and makes you feel comfortable. Highly recommended
Carrie Marshall
Carrie M.
18:08 01 Jul 20
Great place! They offer discounts and sales often. Great selection of products. Knowledgeable people.
Rebecca Simas
Rebecca S.
03:28 02 Jun 20
My favorite local dispensary…master grow series are a must in my collection…love the crew .. Never a wait….all the employees including Seth deserves a non essential day…thanks for the great service and productsread more
Rebecca Simas
Rebecca S.
03:28 02 Jun 20
My favorite local dispensary…master grow series are a must in my collection…love the crew .. Never a wait….all the employees including Seth deserves a non essential day…thanks for the great service and productsread more
Alysha M
Alysha M
12:18 22 May 20
I’ve read other people’s comments & complaints and this is what I have to say : We were just here yesterday. First time patient for P/U. Hubbby placed an order online then began the drive down from Jax. We didn’t receive a “order ready” text but we figured by the time we reached Grow Healthy Daytona it would be ready. Got there and it was packed. Keep in mind – CURBSIDE ONLY! DO NOT GET OUT & DO NOT GO IN! Just wait for a spot in front then pull up. Sadly they’ve had to post signs on the window for people to NOT bang on the windows. (Really people?)Jay R/Jr from Stuart was running the curbside by himself. This dude was working 5-6 cars at a time in the miserable heat, never even saw him stop to drink some water. He handled each car in a professional way. It wasn’t just pick up your order and go. He asked everyone to check their bags and verify their order is RIGHT before leaving. We had noticed one item was missing from our bag but that was just because they were out. As we were leaving, my husband tried to give him a tip. He refused and we were caught off guard. No, not in a bad way at all. It’s because out of all the dispensaries he has been to in the last year & a half…nobody has ever rejected a tip. One person who really, really deserved it..out of them ALL – refused it. Give this guy a promotion, he deserves it. The way he handles things…he should be a manager or higher. The things this guy is gonna do for you Grow Healthy!!read more
Joshua Mcmillen
Joshua M.
22:54 21 May 20
I’ve been consistently pleased with Grow Healthy for service and quality. Flower through delivery was fantastic. My pick up in Daytona was great, JR was helping from another location and really deserves credit for running curbside smoothly. There were a lot of us and it was hot out there. Now I’ve tried the Vapes and RSO and my only complaint is having to wait for the Jacksonville location to open. Try more
Kristin Bolduc
Kristin B.
18:25 04 May 20
Customer service was very good pleased with the atmosphere and cleanliness of the facility. Was not impressed with the flower it was very dry it was not the best quality. Only come here if its a more
Dawn Ross
Dawn R.
22:48 30 Apr 20
They take forever to fill an order and answering the phone. It’s been over 3 hours since I placed a simple pick up order. I have been waiting on hold for over 20 mins to find out when it’s going to be ready, listening to their awful elevator music over and over!! Then a recording comes on after all of this time waiting on hold and asks for my phone number and then hangs up on me!! I hate using this dispensary and wish there were more options, so I would NEVER have to buy anything from them ever again!! This place is such a joke!! Maybe hire more people if it takes all day to get a simple order filled or for someone to actually answer the phone!!!!read more
colton proctor
colton P.
19:39 20 Apr 20
Terrible experience, went to Grow Healthy to get a vape cartridge and they had me wait 3 hours for two vape cartridges. i have never had to wait so long for something so small, the people who work at Grow Healthy Daytona are unable to properly work with customers or properly communicate when it comes to someones order. i placed the order at 1:00pm and left a little after 4:00pm. A complete waste of my time will never come her more
23:14 19 Apr 20
The best quality for sure hands down and always keep a variety of different strains. Wookie girl and valley OG are the most insane flower I have tasted and physically seen. Try them out you won’t regret more
Diana Young
Diana Y.
00:41 12 Apr 20
I’m super excited, happy with my flower I purchased at GrowHealthy! So ez to order, no long hours waiting in lines to be put in another line to wait again. I LOVE my sativa 🥰read more
Louise Wigg
Louise W.
20:27 17 Mar 20
Great place. Staff was very nice and she had her information down. But no flower at all. I will try flower another time and review more
Louise Wigg
Louise W.
20:27 17 Mar 20
Great place. Staff was very nice and she had her information down. But no flower at all. I will try flower another time and review more
Katie Thompson
Katie T.
01:43 08 Mar 20
This was my third visit to the flagship location and I felt like I was inconveniencing the bud tenders, but first visit to ANY Growhealthy location where the bud tender did not open the containers to show me the product. Pretty dissatisfied with the encounter this evening…read more
C Turtle
C T.
17:49 22 Feb 20
Their regular Flower is ok but the master grower series was about as good as it gets in Florida. Bitter sweets was amazing. Price to high for an 8th. Large 3 gram more
Kimberly Lane
Kimberly L.
20:03 02 Feb 20
Julie S was awesome, very friendly n very helpful.😁 I’ll be back soon, as St Augustine has less selection, higher prices😡read more
bree panda
bree P.
13:59 30 Jan 20
Quality products, decent prices. You can’t beat the deal on their half oz littles if size isn’t a priority for you. I’ve been twice, had brief waits and friendly workers both times!read more
Justin Ellicott
Justin E.
23:15 11 Jan 20
Super nice people… the rainmaker master grower series is what brought me in for my first visit if more of the nugs start to be this dank it will be a go to spot… that proper curing is key!!! Well done!!!read more
Mandi Ward
Mandi W.
00:46 15 Nov 19
This is my first Florida dispensary. It doesnt compare with other states options and varieties but, I’m very pleased with what they did have. I waited about ten minutes before going back to the show room if you will. Unlike Colorado for example you dont have the options to look or smell bud. I do this to test for mold. Moldy weed is bad weed. However, I did get a pre roll joint, vape cartridge, and two 1/8 since they dont sell ounces. I’d visit again if I run out of my supplies more
robin bundy
robin B.
17:30 16 Oct 19
The staff is great the place is great but they never have flour. When you use flower for medicinal purposes such as Crohn’s disease you have to have the flower every day you can’t wait days and weeks. This is not the only dispensary in my area every dispensary here is like that and I think it’s horrible if you had a heart pill prescribed to you they don’t run out a heart pills !read more
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